Interactive Tutorial?

I’ve seen reference to an interactive tutorial for the Community pages, but haven’t been able to find it. I would like to go through it. Why is it hard to find? Could someone provide a link to give me a hand? Thanks.


I am looking for the same thing.


It’s the first private message you received and it’s from CC BOT. It’s a private message series of how to through doing and responding.

Please let me know if you’re still having trouble finding it.


@dawn Found it and completed it today. I need to read what I get more carefully. Thank you. I’m impressed by the help and quick responses here. A person could get used to that!


@scorpionind65 Were you able to get to it alright? I found it was worth it. Well done with the basics!

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I sure was and thanks for asking. I completed just now. It helped me out quit a bit. Stay safe.


Awesome! Glad you found it! If you ever are in need of a quick response, be sure to tag @moderators on your comment. That way the moderating team here sees your comments faster!

We do our best to see all of the comments, but y’all are kinda talkative :wink: