Informal Meet-up at the Expo?

Anyone interested in an informal meet-up at the Expo? I’m not 100% sure of my schedule (and it’s likely to change once I get there any way :smiley: ), but I’d love to meet up with everyone from the Community somewhere at some point if possible!

@Jeffrey or anyone else who knows the Pittsburgh area - any recommendations as to a good place for a casual get-together?

This would not be an official USCCA event, just an impromptu get together for the Community people.

My fiance and I will see you there Dawn! There’s always the Southside, but what day and time?

What about a restaurant on the Southside?

How close is it to the Expo hall, @Jeffrey?

I’ll be able to give you a few time options once I see my schedule later this week - but if everyone can meet at a time I can’t, y’all will have to Facetime me in! :slight_smile:

The Southside is fairly close to the Covention Center.

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How about we meet at Fatheads? It’s a burger place.

Can we carry there? :thinking:

Their menu looks great! (It’s too early for me to be hungry :smiley: )

I spoke to the Manager and he is going to consult with the owner regarding this. As soon as I know, I’ll let you know Dawn. He was very appreciative that I called.

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Also, there are no signs posted at Fatheads! That prohibited carrying.

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My son and I will be there and if at all possible would be game to meet others in the community.

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