Are you going to the USCCA Expo?


The USCCA Expo is quickly approaching! I know we’ve talked about it on at least one thread here. Is anyone planning on attending this year’s Expo?

It’s May 17-19 in Pittsburgh, here’s a link to the Expo site for complete details.

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I wish it was closer! I am not able to go but would love to some time!!

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If it was closer I would. I went to Louisville last year.

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Looks like a great expo, the list of seminars has so many topics to cover and the floor has a lot of vendors I just eyeballed and clicked on a couple to see who they are.

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Thats the same weekend I’ll be on a working party. The USS Jospeh Kennedy is an old destroyer, serving as a floating museum at Battleship Cove in Fall River, MA. Painting and cleaning, mostly.

Pittsburgh sounds like fun. Enjoy!


Sounds like a great way to spend the weekend, @AAlan!


Would be nice to attend but not in my budget.

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I wish, but I don’t have the finances to make such a trip. If you had on in St. Paul, MN I’d be there in a heartbeat

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I’ll share as much as I can about the Expo - pictures, links to interviews, and more - here for everyone! Hopefully, a few of the Community will be able to share their experiences as well!


My daughter and her fiancée went last year!


I would love to, far for me.

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I’d love to attend but Pittsburgh isn’t in the cards. If it were in Wisconsin I’d be there with bells on.

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At this point if it was in Wisconsin it’d be snowed out, @Thad! :snowflake: LOL! More snow tonight :frowning:


True, I just had to spend my savings for a new bug on a replacement set of snow tires :disappointed_relieved:


Both are important for your safety, @Thad! If you need tires, they’re more important than a BUG with the weather right now.


Absolutely, I always prioritize needs over wants. I need tires and only want a new bug so tires win no contest.

What happened was that I had decided to get rid of my work/winter beater the end of last fall because I was sick of sticking money into it fighting a losing battle (2000 Cavalier with 290,000+ miles on it). I knew that the Goodyear Assurance tires on my '12 Malibu would not be all that good in the winter, but didn’t expect them to be absolutely horrible. I was saving for winter tires for next year, but with how bad driving has been over roughly the last month I took my tax returns and purchased Firestone Winterforce tires, rims, and tire sensors. It was expensive (about $900) but worth it. This has been my first winter not having Winterforce tires from the start since 2006, and I have no intention of ever doing that again.

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I saw the ad about it and would want to but I don’t think my Dream Travel Trip will be that soon. Also learned that PA is not so friendly in the “Letting Other States Carry in our State” Department. New Jersey is definitely not on their list for very good reasons. I might have found a state to move to though.

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Yes, entered the Charter revolver contest & purchased my weekend pass, 5 hour drive is fine, have attended concerts nearby so this was a great choice USCCA!!


Not this year. Almost a 9 hour drive is a little out of the way. I went to Louisville last year. If your close enough, it’s definitely worth the trip. Get your tickets in advance. Me and my dad were only in line for 3 minutes. The line for people buying tickets was a ton longer. And we got our free T-shirt’s too.

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No, I’m not planning on going. I don’t have the money to come and for a hotel. But when there is one in the Phoenix, Arizona I’ll be coming because it is where I live. And i’d even be willing to help out with it. Just let me know and ask. And i’ll be more that happy to help out.