I'm such a Pig - Please don't tell Santa

I went to the range a couple of weeks ago, took my 380 and my 9mm compacts. I put a couple of hundred rounds through each. Left the range got home, put the Springfield in the safe and the 9mm on my belt without cleaning either one. It’s like putting dirty dishes in the cupboards. I typically clean them the day I use them but right now things are crazy and I just haven’t got to them. Can you ever forgive me?


When it comes to carry guns, it’s crazy how infrequently some of us clean them! I’m definitely guilty of this as well :man_facepalming:t3:


Even with alarm bells, constant reminders, still procrastination sneaks in. However, may not have cleaned, but I always make sure there’s a good coat of oil on barrel and rails! As I get older, I sure do get a lot lazier! Although if I use my firearm, it definitely gets cleaned!

Hoping you don’t have to eat off them the next day!
I kinda think our equipment is so well maintained that missing one cleaning ( knock on wood ) won’t hurt us! :crossed_fingers:


We can… but what about them?
380 may jam next time, 9 may feel offended for a while… but eventually will do what was designed to do.


I can forgive you, if you would forgive for not eating out of them. Fair’s fair. :rofl: Oh Lord, we pray for Mike164, You know him; give him strength to be diligent in his efforts to be resolute in cleaning the dirty dishes that You have blessed him to have. In your name, Lord, I pray. Amen.


Using Full Synthetic gun oil you can get away with every two cleanings for high gun usages :rofl: You’re OK FOR NOW, just clean them before Christmas. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :rofl:


When I was in middle school my father bought the contents of a shed at an auction. He gave me a 22 that the wood stock has rotten off and crumbled. The barrel was covered with flakey rust. He said he thought I might be able to use the scope.

Turns out the scope was cloudy and it went in the trash. The bore was great and the action still functioned. It would have all been trash if it had been cleaned. The waxy coating of the ammunition saved the bore.


OK, I’ll do mine right now.