Illinois bill both requires and bans insurance for gun ownership

This is a bill in Illinois I think you might want to take a look at. It is proposed mandatory insurance and then outlaws some insurance. I know USCCA isn’t insurance but you still may want to check it out.

Here is a link to the full text,


I don’t want to read this. Let me make a guess - they want gun owners to pay insurance premiums to inhibit gun ownership, and as a de-facto registration; and also ban any insurance that helps defend against criminal violence.


That’s pretty much the gist of it.


I think you pretty well summed it up.

It creates a no win paradox for the vast majority of civilians who will be unable to afford the high cost involved with gun ownership. Since they can’t ban guns, they’ll just make it unattainable for the plebeians.

Also, will put services like USCCA and others out of business in Illinois.

As I like to say when politicians are involved - we don’t know what is really going to be in the bill or if the bill will pass until it’s all over and signed. Until then we can speculate all we want, which will only serve to frustrate us.

If you live in Illinois, please reach out to your representatives and share your views.

BTW, the USCCA is against mandatory liability protection for firearm owners as it makes it financially harder for someone to own a firearm.


I want to disagree heartily. We DO know what is in the bill simply by reading it, and any proposed amendments. There is absolutely no speculation, it is all black and white. We live in the information age.

We should get frustrated and we should harness that frustration as motivation to fight every single step of the way. Avoiding the discomfort of frustration is how we have been losing our rights for nearly 100 years. It’s time to tackle these bills head on. More gun owners should get frustrated. We should worry more about our rights and less about the super bowl or the kardashians.

I shared this hoping to inform the USCCA and get them on board fighting this. Sadly, the canned email reply I received from the USCCA said “they support lobbying groups like the crime prevention institute and second amendment foundation”. Both are great groups. However, neither of these groups is equipped to block this bill. I didn’t know CPI was involved with lobbying, and to the best of my knowledge SAF focuses on judicial matters, not so much on legislative. And when this bill passes, USCCA will lose thousands of customers in Illinois. Isn’t Illinois the second largest market for USCCA?

Make sure to attend IGOLD if at all possible. We need a show of strength and solidarity. 2.3 million FOID card holders in Illinois. Imagine if all 2.3 million showed up.


Imagine is 10% showed up, that’s over 200k! Sadly year after year 0.05% show up, and that’s a good year.

I’ll be there.

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Unless something tragic happens, I’ll be there too.

Also @AlphaKoncepts and @Dawn, I see both of your points of view. Politicians propose a bill, and it gets passed around, modified, etc. Unfortunately, here in Illinois, constitutionality, legality, and common sense don’t win a lot. Just look at the gun dealer licensing act. They still haven’t stopped messing with it, and it was signed into law months ago.


Just another way of making gun ownership too expensive and too much of a hassle for the normal legal law abiding citizen. I want to know how they will enforce this on all the criminals??? Kind of seems one sided, lets punish the law abiding people and reward the criminals. And yes in most cases even the politicians are criminals.

We are seeing beginning of a two-tier legal system. Rules and punishment different for people that have something to lose, and for people that have nothing to lose.

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NY has 2 bills in similar fashion. These idiots just don’t know their jobs. I have left comments on both of them. My Senator pretty much ignores me anymore. It could be the 25 letters he’s gotten because I don’t feel he’s working hard enough for us.

I would like to hear the justification for such a insurance requirement? IL CCW holders are not a violent group getting convicted of shooting crimes left and right. This whole thing is a back-door gun registry and likely an attempt to price people out of their 2A right.

So do I, separately from Bernie, AOC, and MSNBC. It would be political comedy second to none!
Wait, you didn’t really mean rational justification?

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