If Climate Were COVID

If you want to cut through the climate B.S. I would suggest.

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They want to freeze Granny and Gramps to death. :thinking:


Climate “discussions” are not discussions at all but posturing, dueling statistics that policy makers ignore in the end and angry shouting. But, the reality of climate discussions is that they will affect your energy bills, so it’s important for individuals to take steps to protect yourself, 'cause the government and courts will not protect you. Grousing, spinning up and endlessly debating climate change statistics won’t affect your real world circumstances in any way, shape or form.

For example, 6 years ago, my average monthly electric bill jumped from around $100 to $200, instantly. I called my electric utility to ask “why” and was told that they had to close their coal plant and install more efficient, cleaner natural gas. “More efficient” did not mean cheaper.

So, I reacted by spending around $30k to install a large solar array to supply my house and wheel excess energy back to the grid. My monthly electric bill dropped from $200 to $9. That represents my money that I no longer send to my monopoly electric company (about $2,300/year) and protects me from future rate increases. And, I got a $7k rebate for my Israeli/Canadian made solar panels, and a $9k federal tax credit, which represented my money that I did not have to send to DC to be squandered on social programs and military adventurism. And, at the end of each year, the utility writes me a check for the excess energy I generate at the wholesale rate they buy power from other suppliers. With a 25-year warranty, the panels and inverter will last longer than I will live.