I Like The Way This Guy Did It

My heavens, finally, a “Public Figure” that has some sense when he opens his mouth. I don’t agree with everything he said but I really like the fact that he brought other aspects into the mix.


He talked but it sounded like he didn’t really say anything.

Also, use of the term “gun violence” is never a good thing. Too leftist for my taste. I’m referring to the two words, not the coach.


I wish he would have said criminal gun violence. People don’t realize we first have to stop criminal gun violence before we can stop gun violence.


I agree with @BeanCounter … he actually said nothing…
Even his words:

We’ve got a lot of smart people in this country, and how about we do something to fix it?

do not mean anything.

Yes, we do have smart people… but not in the places which allow to use this smartness to fix the problem. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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“Got a lot of smart ppl, why don’t we do something to fix it “

Hillary is wanting to put ppl in concentration camps. That’s a start, just saying.

For some reason I pictured Captain Jack Sparrow saying that. :rofl:


Sometimes I feel like him in this weird, wrongly spinning World… :smirk:

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What I’ll say right now is, where is the respect for human life?

In many places nowadays, if you say “human lives matter” you will be branded a bigot. This is a culmination of decades of devaluing life in culture and society. Starting with baby lives of course.