I find this VERY interesting -1858 The Ace

somewhat limited on a reload yet all the same… and it SEEMS to be currently available…

and has a cartridge conversion set up for a tad more… .45 colt…


Cool guns. I have a weakness for single action revolvers. Mine is a bit “hefty” for daily carry.

you can also purchase a cylinder that takes cartridge’s in .45 colt… thing is you would be limited to 5 rounds…

and have to replace the cylinder to fire anymore… so??? YMMV

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Here is an original Remington model 1858 (this one made in 1864) that I recently picked up. Not as concealable or functional as the ones shown above unfortunately.

I went for the bit more modern Ruger Blackhawk. In 45 Colt.

Interesting to think how people fought with guns like that, it is so easy to change a mag with the modern auto loaders.