A Little Bit of History


I was in the Milwaukee Public Museum today and obviously I was looking at old knives and guns, and not learning anything. Check out these old carry guns! How cool are these old pepper boxes, revolvers, and a small maybe .32 cal side by side? Ill never whine about how heavy my G29 is ever again!


My replica 1858 Remington 6 1/2 inch in .36 cal is about the same weight as my Smith model 64-3 .38 special 4 inch weigh within 3 ounces of each other empty. Heaviness is to each his own.


Yeah, and some of those old pepper boxes were even heavier than 3 lbs. I suppose they didn’t know any different. I would love one of those old guns. What old gun from that time period would you like to own?


I think owning and shooting a pepperbox would be fun,learning to shoot it properly.
I like the cap and ball weapons,preferably a solid frame like the Remington. I might like to own a revolving cylinder rifle of the period. Moving to black powder cartri9dge era a SSA or a lightning would be next to ideal, preferably the lightning as they were double action. And then a Henry " load on Monday and shoot all week" rifle.

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I so far have a replica SAA. It’s not BP but its fun. I also got a 1887 replica lever 12. That’s a lot of fun as well. They’re weird because they were obviously designed for paper hull shells, which don’t have plastic crimping that opens, so you gotta be selective on what shotgun shells to put in it, or it’ll jam up. But it is a fun can crusher. A pepper box would just be badass.

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Have you ever been to House on the Rock? I am willing to be you would love the gun collection there.

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Never been, I didn’t know they had a gun collection.


Make it a day trip. If my wife can find the pictures ill post a couple so you get an idea of what is there

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Here is their web link
Doesn’t have a picture of any of the guns but trust me there are a lot (wife still looking for the pictures we took)

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Thanks! It might be a good trip this summer.


You have to buy the expensive ticket to see the guns but everything there is really amazing to see. Wife and I made a day trip out of it on the bike. Got there late morning and spent over 4 hours looking at everything. you can take a tour or do a self tour. We did the self tour (get to spend more time on the thing you really want to get a closer look at).

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This does not even scratch the surface of what is there


That’s pretty sweet!


I’m totally going to have to go back! I don’t remember any of that. Granted I was VERY pregnant with my daughter when I was there, so I’m thinking pregnancy brain… :rofl:

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@James I knew you would enjoy those pictures, and like I said that does not begin to scratch the surface of what is there.

For those of you not from Wisconsin The House on the Rock is a bit of an architectural wonder. The man who build it was also a collector. It is located in south central Wisconsin.

@Dawn at least half of what you see on their website I remember seeing as a freshman in high school. The drafting class took a school trip to see “the house” but most of us were much more fascinated with the train, carousel and some of the other collections. Unfortunately it is become a tourist trap (meaning expensive) but if you make a day out of it still worth the admission price.


I remember it being really weird and slightly creepy- again, could have been because I was pregnant.

I do remember the carousel and walking out on the point off the cliff.

May have to check it out this summer.