I am taking an anonymous survey to better understand how the countries across the world interpret the right to bear arms. (Chosen Countries for a research topic: Germany, Venezuela, Japan, and the U.S

oh, oh, I know this one. It is first and formost the the discribtion of the who, what, where, why and how of the Constitution of the United States of America. It to me is the actual power in where the power comes from “We The People”…

Stepping down from my soapbox.

I learned the Preamble in the 8th grade and 50+ years later I can still recite it because it is in not just my brain but my heart and soul. I learned the words in the 8th grade but learned what it meant the summer prior. I sat at the dinning table with my grandfather (Vet of WW2, Korea and Vietnam, a lifer), 2 of his brothers (oldest served in the trenches of WW1 and the other WW2). Listening to their experiances taught me what it meant before I knew what it truely was.


Hi Joseph488 thanks for your advice, as I stated previously I am actually pro gun and I took many survey questions from other pro gun websites as a starting point…I made the questions and options as most unbiased as possible…I understand why you see many of the questions as biased towards anti gun however. My survey was made 95% by myself and is for brief educational purposes…and I can say that I have been able to learn lots from this research project especially about the history of other countries…I do understand the importance of this topic in other countries but my focus is to compare the polarized view of firearms in this country to other countries to ultimately prove that banning guns does not actually end gun violence or even prevent it. Thanks again for your response!

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Haha love the response. I would have decided to put only two genders because of course that is indeed the truth. However my school would not let me send it out otherwise lol…nobody has answered my survey with other and even if they did I expect a very skewed response lol


Good stuff!

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Thank you Robert…I know I am not a victim…it’s hard being the only conservative pro gun enthusiast at my school…unless of course there is a silent majority that is afraid to speak out against radical anti gun arguments


Alex80, thanks for clarifying that, and sorry if I came off pretty harsh. I tend to be a little over-blunt sometimes.

Survey design is really very difficult to get right, and a lot of professionals don’t do a good job. It’s so easy to unintentionally bias the person taking the survey just by a choice of wording, or what phrase comes first, etc. I am not a survey designer myself. I used to work in a product testing lab, and the guy in charge was actually a PhD in survey design! Yes, there is such a thing.

Anyway, I’d actually be interested in the results you get when the project is complete. Feel free to post what you learn.