Gun Rights on Trial: Statistics, Part 1 | Concealed Carry Magazine

A basic principle of freedom in society is that you are free until someone can prove a compelling governmental need to restrict your freedom. The greater the degree of restriction, the higher the burden of proof. We often see this idea in criminal justice, but it is also at the core of how we are supposed to legislate.

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The very sad part of this topic is that if our rights to carry are taken away, only the criminal element will then have the guns without restriction. There will not be enough police or military to save our population. The criminals will be unrestricted. My grandfather assured me many years ago that the right to bear arms will never go away. The reason the Japanese did not attack mainland USA was they knew they would be grossly outgunned because of our rights. Today, the situation is simply worse than it was in the 40’s. We have to be able to protect not just our families, but also our rights. We can only pray that our old and new politicians have the sense to remember and protect our roots.

What other gun statistics fallacies have you heard recently?