HR 15, the so-called 'Equality Act'

claims are made… here you can decide what you think I reckon…


I think molesting a child is the most Godless act that anyone could commit!! They do not deserve to live!! There needs to be a change! We need to put The Fear of God back into people!!!


Legal or not, Doesn’t matter. It a disgusting perversion. Abusing children, verbally, psychologically, physically, sexually, what ever… Is disgusting. The response NEEDS to be very convincing, the atacker must be convinced that his actions will not be tolerated. OR like @Ted44 said


I came in contact with my first real evidence of child molesting when I was twelve! It was in the sixties, when me and two freinds where walking in the woods and we heard some screaming! When we found the screamer, she was ten year old neighbor, being molested by an older man! We yelled for him to stop, but he just laugh and kept at it!! I had to stop him, so I picked up this big rock and with all my might, I hit him on the back of his head, twice!!! I’m in my seventies, and I still see it! What he was doing to her bothers me more than what I did to him!!!