How would you defend against this attack?

Interesting. Our CCW instructor told us, if someone just grabbed the bag, it’s a property crime.
But, if someone pointed a gun at you, even if it’s sideways :wink: , we can reasonably claim fear of bodily injury or death.

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Yeah - but those two guys had no chance of responding once the guns were pointed at their heads. Hands up, hand crap over, go home alive.


Personally, I never park directly in front of the door to a building I am going into. That limits your range of sight. Also, as I am parking my car, I always scan around my vehicle before I get in or out. They should have noticed that car stopping near them. In those situations, I usually wait to see what the occupants of the other car are doing before I turn my car off.

There wasn’t really much that could be done once the criminals got all the way up to them, so the best thing they could do would be to comply.


That actually happened a long time ago at a range in California. Carry permits were hard to come by and the guns had to be empty and locked up so technically unarmed. The crooks got away with it until they tried to rob an off duty cop who was armed. That was the end of their career for a while anyway.

I agree with Ronald 150 and Scott 52.
As USCCA Members, we’ve already demonstrated we have skills and a desire to improve them!
This video should be a " Don’t let this happen to you" introduction to a CCW class!
If I was delivering a “Pizza” across from a biker bar , I would exercise an up tick in my “situational awareness” before exiting the vehicle!
That being said, the preparedness in any "stressful "exercise should begin at the “starting line”.
Equipment check,
( weapon function and condition, sufficient fuel in the car, a plan “B” etc.)
Prevention is better than cure!
,if you pull into traffic, and another vehicle is moving with you, check your “6”, take a few "clearing turns and park for a few seconds to be certain you’re not being followed .
These two were in over their head when they said “yes” to the job.
Fortunately no innocents or our 2 geniuses got killed!
These two depended on dumb luck ,not ability.

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When property is taken by force from a person, the crime is against the person, in this case armed robbery…