How to respond during a traffic stop while carrying concealed?

Hello everyone, I live in Georgia and have a valid concealed carry permit and just wanted to know what this group thoughts are when your carrying concealed during a traffic stop. I asked this because I’m and African American Man and I think that sometimes that makes a difference and I should not.

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Learn your local laws. Here in TX, you are required to inform law enforcement when “interacting” with them. The few times I have been stopped while carrying (twice in 12 years), I handed the officer my driver license, license to carry, and insurance card as soon as they approached.

Make sure you are calm, collected, and keep your hands in plain sight at all times! The officer will already be on high alert - do not do anything which may raise a flag. Be prepared to follow all instructions calmly and smoothly - including allowing the officer to disarm you if they insist on it. I do not recommend saying the word “gun” or “firearm” out loud unless absolutely necessary - those are trigger words to cops!

Note - both times I was stopped the officers were cool with it - they asked if I was carrying, and then asked where, but did not feel like they needed to disarm me. And I got off with a warning both times!

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Thanks for the tip. I have reviewed the local gun laws here in GA and although it’s not required to inform the officers when being pulled over I am not sure if it’s a good idea to not inform them. I have NO problem with officers but being a person of color.
I do realize that the rules are a different. I’ve been to several GA gun laws classes and what I took away from them is exactly what you said. Staying calm and not making any sudden moves and to ask the officer how they would like for me to proceed. I pray
that I never be in a situation like Folando Castile. The young man killed buy the police officer because he felt that his life was threatened when in the video you could clearly see that he never moved his hand in the area where his gun was. This can truly
be a tricky thing.

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In Illinois you DON’T need to tell the cop that you have a firearm. However upon the request of the officer you must disclose that you are in possession of a concealed firearm.

Hi, I have been carrying both concealed and exposed depending on whether I was in uniform or not.

In my personal experience, I have put both hands out the window when stopped. As the officer would approach my car and ask why I was holding my hands in this manner, I would respond that I was armed, and I wanted to be sure there was no question that he/she could clearly see where my hands were, and that he/she should recommend how we proceed. Have never had a problem, and most times they did not ask to see my ccw.

Doing such as a person of color should relieve the officer of any pent up fear he might feel that you might be dangerous to him/her.

My personal feeling is that an officer is concerned for his safety, and anyone (especially a person of color) who starts the situation by being evasive, argumentative, or threatening is cause for concern, and will probably result in an attitude and response that you will think is excessive.