I’m a new member but long time shooter. I carry daily and I just learned about this insurance. I now have peace of mind should I ever have to engage and service targets.

I learned basic gun safety and proper technique when I was young, learned with my Fathers supervision on a military surplus 1911. I further trained in the military with the 1911 as well as the M9 Berretta, M16, M203, M3 (Grease Gun), M60, M2 and tank mounted weapons.

I train weekly at the local indoor range and try to run 50-75 rounds through each of my handguns (M&P 9, Glock 17, Kimber Raptor.45 and the little Ruger LCS Pro 9mm). I don’t get quite as much practice time with long guns as I would like because we don’t have a local outdoor range.

I often take new shooters to the range and give basic firearms safety instruction and supervise them while they run a few rounds through one of my weapons. A lot of them are ladies that work with my wife who is a mid-level shooter.

So, that’s my basic story and I look forward to reading others posts

Stay safe and vigilant!