How to make a living

I wondered how these guys made their living. He runs around to college campuses and tells everyone to play nice, for money? I gotta admit, I never in a million years thought this would happen at Weber State but here we are.


Rhymes with gift :roll_eyes:


I have nothing to say about that POS. But woo @Mike164 do you guys have a good cheer team at Weber St.

I know that was random as hell. But I have followed Cheernastics ever since my daughter started Cheernastics as a child. She was a 4 time National Champion, 16 time Regional Champion, a Silver medalist, and 2 Bronze Medals at World’s. So I am pretty well informed on Cheernastics, and Weber State has a couple of great teams in pairs stunting and a recent National championship. I know, not the manliest of sports or so common misconception goes. But some of those kids, who do Cheernastics, are World Class athletes.

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Cheer Leader and Ballerina’s Both the men and the women are straight up bad ass Athletes. We had a professional dancer training with us for awhile. She was 2 time women’s champion in Karate (Locally).

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Yeah, my daughters Coach for several years in Cheernastics, also coached a 7A highschool Cheer team. The football guys had been ragging a couple of the Cheerleaders. So she talked to the Coach of the football and he challenged his football team to go the Gym where the Cheernastic team trained and to train with them. So all of the kids were betting running the stairs. Anywho, the cheerleaders dusted their butts and broke the down.

BTW if you have a boy and he really wants to go to college but you don’t have the money and he doesn’t want to join the military. Get him into Cheer. Male Cheerleaders who have any sort of athletic ability get recruited as early as 8 years old.

There are some who think it’s gay to be a male cheerleader. But who is gayer? The boy, who is friends with hundred of beautiful, toned, and fit young women. Or the guy squeezing up on a bunch of guys. :joy::rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My son, the MMA Fighter, wanted to be a gymnast in Jr High but was bullied called gay and stuff. He quit gymnastics and took up Parkour where he met some marital artists and the rest is history.


EVP of DEIB at my company made a career out of it, and is doing well indeed.

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It’s a cottage industry. Follow the money.

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