How long has it been since you've had formal training?

Following the earlier question, “How long has it been since you’ve been to the range?” I’m curious how many subject themselves to formal training?

Training as in instructed by someone with a higher skill set to learn or improve upon proficiencies related to firearms and/or self defense. Classes, one-on-one?

The pandemic threw us all a big curve but here we are now. What’re your goals, where are your weaknesses? How regularly do you practice what you were taught in training?


If this counts I was just Taser trained and certified, OC spray certified for job purposes and I have been going to the range about every 3 weeks.


I’m involved in formal training every week. At least one Instructor is always with a higher skill level and I’m learning from him.
Dry fire practice is a must. Usually I practice drills done during the training session. I’m trying to keep it consistently 10 minutes every day.


I’ve been working with some tactical guy, my Krav instructor and his buddies, the last few weeks have been focused on “Working in a team atmosphere”. Team entries and retreats, silent conversations, separation from the team, don’t cross the muzzle… type of stuff.


I practice alot…my formal training occurred in Afghanistan…two tours.Wish to this day that that I didn’t have utilize that training almost everyday I was there.It does stick with you…my awareness is off the chart.I trust noone on the street or on the road.I won’t be taken by surprise easily.


I have to admit, I’ve only had one formal training since the pandemic, a one-on-one class to hone my accuracy skills.

I’m hoping to average a couple classes a year to cover shotgun and rifle handling and advanced SD pistol training.


Formal training in person? About 6 weeks.

Myself at the range, an hour.

Online video education, a day

Non entry level, in depth and higher speed training, been a couple years.

But this is what known drills and standards with set targets and shot timers are for, in part, checking your competency retention to an extent


Hi Skippy,

I’m a female, living in Central California. I just got some great formal training from Dave Wasson at 831Shooter (website). I haven’t got formal training since my 1st CCW test.

I had to get some formal training to pass my 2nd CCW renewal range test.
My first gun that I got for my 1st CCW was a S&W Ladysmith Revolver. I did not have any assistance in obtaining my first gun. I bought a S&W M&P Shield for my 2nd CCW renewal and I’m so happy I did. I passed the 2nd CCW REnewal with flying colors.




Its been more than a decade, probably closer to 15yrs.

Now that ive joined a range, im going to take some clases for the fun of it…

Next one, defensive shotgun, go over spread and so on. I know enough but it will be fun to hear from others… Always something new to learn.


Will be looking for more formal training soon.
Unfortunately out here all of the range is at outdoor ranges and the current highs are up in the 100 to 155 range. Will need some cooler weather :frowning:

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