How Good the Gun Control Laws Work

From the article:
Taumua was convicted of aggravated assault in 2020, and thus was not allowed to possess a firearm. Taumua was also previously convicted of possession of a gun by a restricted person in 2019, and attempted possession of a gun by a restricted person in 2017, according to court records.

This is a great commentary on how well the gun controls laws written to keep guns out of the hands of criminals work.


How gun control laws are intended to work

…law-abiding citizens


So a repeat violent felon caught multiple times possessing an illegal firearm. Why wasn’t he in prison instead of walking around freely with another illegally possessed firearm?

The anti self defense folks want to lock otherwise law abiding people away for a decade for having the wrong shaped piece of plastic attached to their firearm but they have no issue letting people like this walk freely around town with a firearm?

To you repeat felons out there. If you have kids in the house lock your guns up! It appears you won’t get into any trouble for having illegally possessed firearms in your home but the kids might.