NRA-ILA | Gun Control and the Elastic Meaning of “Transfer”— Colorado Court

The insidious tactics of the anti-2A faction…

Reading this, I wonder when they’ll push that needle so far left that having your gun stolen from your home will equate to an illegal transfer.


Insidious? Hmm. I don’t see this as that egregious. If she bought a gun while living with a convicted felon, and he is walking around with it, she should get arrested for smurfing. Does anyone really think that the gun wasn’t for him?
I see this the same way I see leaving an unlocked loaded gun by a child.

They already do believe that, hence the laws requiring one to report in x number of hours or days of theft or face imprisonment.

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Then he is committing the crime, not her, as it is felons that are not “allowed”, since the 1938 FFA, to obtain, possess, nor use a firearm. However, there have been court cases where a felon did use a firearm that was in the home to defend self/others and was found not guilty due to the right of self-defense.

Not at all the same. One could consider the latter negligence, the other, as you do, a criminal act (but by the wrong party).

There was no indication that Trujillo had previously accessed or taken the gun, or that Johnson was even aware that he had taken it.