How far can you go

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So my crude stopwatch test showd 4 seconds for the sound of impact to return. That means about 4500 feet!

OR how far is your ammo round effective? and can you match that distance?
110 grain 300 blackout zeroed out to 700 yards


Do you notice the drop after the 700 yards? This looks like throwing a rock at someone.

This is zeroed at 1000 yards

Even worse!

This is zeroed at 500 yards.

This has only a two-inch rise before striking the target distance then dropping off. This would be good at any distance up and to 500 yards.

SO, I can only shoot the distance capability of the round.

A quick run through my ballistic calculator shows an almost 4ft rise with a 500 yard zero. I have to zero closer to 200 yards to get the maximum rise down below the 4 inch range.

That’s with a 110 grain Barnes TAC TX out of a 10” barrel at 7000’ elevation which is the only round I have rough ballistics for.

I’d love a round that only had a 2” rise out to a 500 yard zero but don’t think that exists even in the heavy long range calibers.


I am at the 500 ft elevation with it 89 degrees and 40 % humidity.

What’s your velocity and bullet BC?

I can’t remember what I put in it. I looked it up in the reloading manual to come up with the capabilities of a round. I do not even own a 300 blackout. I have looked up the specs for the 300 Blackout to see if I would be interested as well as the 222 Swift.