How do you modify your holster?

How do you modify your holster to make it your own?

So far only changing the paddles on my paddle holsters. But just ordered all new set ups for both pistols so we’ll see how much tweaking gets done.

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Other than adjustments that are built in like cant and height none. If a holster doesn’t work for me I’ll trash it and get another.

In my hybrid holsters, I’ll set height and cant to my liking. Then, if it’s too low in my pants, (inhibits pocket use)I cut the bottom leather as short as it can go. I usually trim the front/rear clip area as well. I have only cut the bottoms thus far. I dont know about the combat cut and what nots.

I really dislike “thumb-break” holsters, because I had all those tendons torn loose and have a really difficult time getting the snaps to let go. I replace the straps with a piece of cord, usually 3mm or so, that is sewn into the belt-side of the holster and a Velcro tab on the outside. by getting the Velcro parts “just-so” you can guarantee retention while still being able to draw without any extra steps just pull HARD and your pistol is free. I like the harder pull because it means no one can easily pull my pistol without my noticing it. A prankster tried it … once… his hand slipped off as the amount of force needed was beyond his guestimate… then he was looking at it in my hand… and rethinking the wisdom of his folly. Oooops!

If it is leather or half leather, soak in water for a bit the plastic bag unloaded weapon and insert and let dry. Fits it closer to your own persoalized carry piece.
Replace clips with ulticlip3’s for retension on pants not belt.
Kydex heat to make sure it holds securely by dimpling inside trigger guard and outside of guard and channel for front sight.

Well my latest custom job work was with a Dremel. Got a new red dot for my Glock 19 so I just grinded the Kydex so it fits perfect. Looks and feels great

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When I get a leather holster, I take it to my leather shop. He has a solution he drops it in and soaks it a few minutes. The holster will then break in quickly as it dries with the handgun being inserted for short periods over and over until dry. Of course finished leather products won’t take to forming like raw leather, but it sure helps break in and get the pull and reholster right.

Careful leaving a weapon in a damp holster. Rust is ugly.
Rust bad!
Use a plastic wrap or bag if you want.

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