Do you modify your holster?


I know we all have a bunch of holsters that just don’t work for us and end up in a box or at the bottom of a spare range bag. Have you ever modified your holsters?

@KevinM is a proponent of “tweaking” your holster. Check it out:

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Yeah, or cut them up and make a frankenholster.


I’ve modified most of my holsters. Be it shaving some excess leather off or removing retention devices. It’s rare for me to find a holster I don’t monkey with in one way or another. Heck just the other day I took my Dremel to the safety on a 1911 that kept digging into my muffin top.


I have modified holsters in the past, but I do prefer a holster that is custom made for me and my firearm

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I combat cut my Crossbreed SuperTucks to my liking. I like to get a good hold before Pull. It hurts to cut them, though. They look so good straight out of the box. :us: