How Do You Carry? (Olympian Lanny Barnes will tell you how she carries!)

How do YOU carry?

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to carrying concealed. We all have a preferred method and depending on the season or occasion (or hey, even the day of the week) - that preference can change too.

To highlight different ways to conceal, 2021 USCCA Expo Title Sponsor Staccato will host a three-part demo series on concealed carry solutions. In the series, Staccato Chief Experience Officer Tony Pignato (US Army 1SG ret.) will ask audience members to guess how different Staccato shooters, like Olympian Lanny Barnes, are concealing (and what they’re concealing). Expect entertainment - but also valuable information on finding your ideal concealed carry solution for different situations and different weapons.

Staccato will host a number of other demonstrations on the USCCA Expo Family and Freedom Stage.

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So, how do YOU carry? Let us know in the comments below :arrow_down:

Staccato looks forward to meeting you at their booth (#1001) and shooting a 2011® pistol with you at the Expo’s live-fire range.

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EDC is a Sig P365. I carry IWB at around 3-3:30 but now that warm weather is here I’m finding that shorts with my DeSantis pocket holster works great.

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Depends on the pistol(1911, compact, or sub compact) and what clothes I’m wearing (summer or winter).
Cowboy wedding tomorrow afternoon? 1911 OWB leather holster


My EDC is a SCCY CPX-2, AIWB with a Sticky Holster in the summer, 3 o’clock OWB in a kydex in the cooler months.
My other gun is a Taurus G2C. I usually carry that AIWB with a Mission First Tactical Minimalist holster. Up until the ammo shortage I averaged 150 rounds/month/gun practice. That’s slowed a bit recently! :slightly_smiling_face: