How do you avoid PRINTING?

Discovered today the holster makes a big difference. For my Hellcat Pro I have a Galco King Tuck holster, IWB, that has two belt clips and is fairly wide.
Going to the range today I carried our S&W Shield EZ 9mm. That one we have a Galco single clip holster. (When I say clip I mean Belt Clips).
The butt of the S&W kept twisting out becoming obvious.
Though the S&W holster is smaller, it did a worse job than the wider holster, which countours to my body better and the kydex keeps the butt of the firearm turned inwards.

I can see how people have a box full of holsters :thinking:


Sticky holsters are good. That’s what I use.

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I find that adding a claw and/or wedge to a holster can significantly increase concealability regardless of how wide or narrow it is.


It also takes some experimentation to find the best location (1 o’clock, 2, 3, etc.) to maximize the effectiveness of the claw.


Something I have been trying is wearing shirts with very busy patterns. This is an area we don’t usually discuss with edc. something like a hawaiian shirt works great at hiding the pattern of your gun. I’m not sure if my wife will appreciate me looking like jimmy buffet all the time but it’s better than printing LOL


Yes they do, and I wore them even before I began carrying. In Winter, I just tell people I am from NY, and 40 is not cold… No, I wear a long shirt in Winter, rarely need a jacket in Virginia.


You escaped NY too huh? lol, I’m from Albany. Been living in New Hampshire since 2016 and love it.


Welcome to the family brother @Brian484 , glad you could join us.


Selecting fabric is job #1. Anything double-knit makes hiding almost impossible. A non-geometric pattern will compliment a good woven cotton shirt. And yes…have found Hawaiian shirts work flawlessly.


Or just open carry. :laughing:

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I don’t put ink in the printer. Pisses my wife off, but it’s worth it. :laughing:


You could just do like the dude I saw this weekend. Tuck your shirt in and leave your pistol on the outside.
It ain’t printing if it’s on the outside of your clothes. :crazy_face:


Ok. You all know more than I. I don’t have a nice figure where I can CCW to my appendix/abdomen.

To each his/her own. I never could get used to the idea of CCW with the business end/ pointing a loaded gun directly to the genital area. Just cause it fits and hides not mean it should go there. Watching this nice lady in the video scares the heck outta me; especially when she started poking the gun with her shooting finger.

Just because she looks smart and it’s done in an informative way, doesn’t mean that it’s correct or makes sense.

You be the judge and roll your way. You’re braver than I’ll ever be. I’ll carry a few different ways, just not “netherlands” region. One of my quirks/weirdnesses.


Understandable but, the gun will not go bang unless you pull the trigger!

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Or, depends on how you define “you pull the trigger”

P320 anyone?



RE That Negligent Discharge: What actually caused that to happen? Was their something in the holster or was the pistol not seated all the way in? That’s like my nightmare scenario. Not matter how long I’ve been carrying I never 100% trust my holster.

I never saw. Just guesses. There are several distinct possibilities

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I don’t know but I suspect something got caught in the holster.

That’s a pretty horrible situation, and from what I could tell the guy really did nothing wrong. It was painful to watch.

I remeber seeing that video a few months ago but in that video there wasnt any indication of it being a GCode holster. To me that brand seems like a pretty safe bet. Stuff like that is why when Im carrying I dont like my kids sitting on my lap and stuff.