AOWB carry

Guys I have a couple of questions regarding concealed carry:
I own a Sig P320 X5 (its a full size 21rd capacity gun) I plan to CC but due to its size Im having some trouble adjusting to it. I know I know, I should go for something smaller, but its the only one I have and I cant afford a new one.
After trying pretty much every single position, I found AOWB pretty comfortable.
What are your thoughts? I read about the potential hazard of accidental discharge and hitting a vital artery or blowing out my manly tool so Im still on the fence about this.
Is off body carry a good option? (I found a lot of mixed reviews regarding it)
Due to mobility IWB is not something I would go for, so OWB only for me I guess. Also 3 O’clock carry feels great too but accidental “brandishing” and gun printing is a risk too.

Thank you for reading and any input is greatly appreciate it.


Whatever is COMFORTABLE and WORKS for you is considered as good option !
You can shoot yourself ONLY with bad holster or not using common sense and safety rules.
Otherwise, I do not see any reason why you shouldn’t carry AOWB.

If you like to check different cant, you may try cross draw - this way you can feel “safer”, the muzzle is pointing outside your femoral artery (this is how I carry, IWB).


A lot of good questions.
OWB can be accessed quicker than IWB or small of the back.
Depending upon what holster you get and what kind (size) shirt you wear will help greatly in reducing printing.
I personally have never been that concerned with printing as any normal person who looks at your sides bulking out will just think you have a cell phone or something. This would NOT fall under “Brandishing” anyway so don’t worry about that. I wear my OWB at about 2 o’clock at that is where my belt loops fall, and it is also not pressing against the seatbelt in the truck which tends to dig little holes into your t-shirts after a while.

What formal training have you had? You’ll learn Negligent Discharges are rare as long as you follow the 4 safety rules. You’d be carrying a pretty big honk’in firearm so printing, yes can happen with the grip sticking far out your back side. With my Ruger SR9C (EDC) I do NOT use the extended mags that came with it so as not to stick out , as I say, the back too much. Seriously consider a “compact” pistol not a sub-compact as your EDC.

If you are worried about a ND, consider a firearm with a safety. Absolutely contrary to what others may think, a safety does NOT slow you down in the need for you to deploy your firearm in a Dynamic Critical Incident. And, sorry Glock lovers, the grip and second trigger safety can be negligently fired easier than a true mechanical safety.

Your Sig has a de-cocker which can be considered a safety. Upon de-cocking you will be in double action trigger pull on the first round. .

Good luck and hope this helps some.


I find a loose Guayebara shirt for summertime casual wear to be adequate coverage for my full size carries and @Jerzy suggestion was a great one. Adds maybe a .1 of a second to your draw if done so you don’t flag the entire room.

I don’t do Hawaiian shirts for coverage unless I’m in a beach type environment plus the anti gun crowd is catching on to that so I grey Man with a loose T-shirt and a nice matching button up in winter and Guayebara in the summer. I

I would not recommend off body but there are some here who like it.


I realize that my Ruger LC9s is quite smaller that your SIG but a Fobus paddle holster works well foe all 3 of mine. They make one for most popular models. It holds the gun securely & the gun rides mostly above the belt so an untucked shirt covers it completely. Sure, there is a bulge but it’s not a glaring eye catcher.


Thanks a lot for the input guys I really really appreciate it.
I have a Comp-Tac Holster, kind of big to be honest, but I like how solid and secure it feels. I adjusted it to AOWB cross draw (slightly angled too) and practiced drawing from there for about an hour and felt really natural for me. I follow the 4 safety rules like a religion to be honest, I feel a little better now (Also, Sigs had a whole issue with P320’s misfiring. Mine is a safe batch but still got me thinking…)
I haven’t tried a Guayabera before but living in FL I might just give it a chance (who knows? maybe this could be my new change of look!)


I’m glad you have found AOWB cross draw working for you ! That’s awesome. And stop thinking about SIG’s misfire problem… which actually doesn’t exist anymore. Clear your mind, practice and feel safe !


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