How do you avoid PRINTING?

@Scott52 >> are you sure :question:
** Boy have we got a deal for you.
** Bevi

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Hmmm ; one track mind = ring around the bush,
PS: please stay on topic; no wonder more woman don’t Participate.
Please practice with me.


Shawshank Redemption: “I mean really, who looks at shoes?”
Most people remain oblivious to whether someone is concealing or not. Most of the time, if someone is concealing and is comfortable with it, no one would ever know. I think initially, when someone is new to carrying, they know they are carrying and it’s different for them so they instinctively are a little apprehensive if they feel they are printing. After a while and being used to carrying, that feeling is much more suppressed and since they know they are carrying, they learn that unless their shirt pulls up to reveal it, no one considers it generally and go on normally.


Is that a growth on your belly button, or are you just unhappy to see me?

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The problem I have with the “99% don’t notice printing” thing is that the 99% aren’t why we carry. The non violent non threats non criminals who don’t notice aren’t the reason we choose to carry and also should not be the reason we choose to fail to conceal.

The small % are the ones who may just take it from yiu while the rest didn’t notice it.

My 2 pennies

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Adjusting clothes is something I do all the time, carrying or not. I would lose my pants if I did not adjust them time to time.


@Todd30 >> Now that I’m carrying a heavier EDC I also adjust from time to time. This video looked interesting but it might not be a one size fits all video.
I personally stopped overthinking printing along with what type of high
tech amo to use a long time ago.
PS: some people do have things in common ; IE : the Butt Sisters. I rented them out to send to your birthday party ; butt they never made it cause they stopped at Taco Bell first.


Besides going paperless, wear larger shirts in the summer.

My summer carry is a P365 X … a P365 with an XL grip. I carry 15 + 1 plus 15 BU. Appendix is best for concealing the longer grip.

I’m not slim enough to sit comfortably, so i use an IWB holster i can easily move to 3:00 and back (safely and discretely). This may seem counter intuitive to some… practice, practice, practice.

I successfully use nunya-buisness, no response, or “it’s an insulin pump” if someone asks. No one’s asked since lockdowns.


I take it a step further
I just walk around with just my belt and holster nothing else
people are to busy laughing and pointing to even notice i have a gun on my hip. lmao


Or it’s my cel phone. :nerd_face: