How Clean is Clean Enough?

I am taking the USCCA Defensive Shooting Fundamentals instructor class this weekend. I’ll be shooting about 750 rounds this weekend - and I’ll be cleaning my gun either Sunday or Monday night. It’s going to need it!

Unlike Kevin’s dad (see the blog post), I don’t wipe down my gun every time I touch it.

How detailed do you get in your cleaning?

  • Wipe it down daily
  • Wipe it down weekly
  • Break it down daily
  • Break it down weekly
  • Eh, whenever?

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I field strip my glocks after ever range trip and run a bore snake through it just to stop a build up and every 1500 rounds I give rhem a good cleaning. Haven’t shot to many competitions ut I do a good detailed cleaning before every competition

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I clean all my firearms after a day at the range. Otherwise one to two times a month.

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I clean every time I’m back from range (field strip)… and then wipe down, I hate fingermarks on my pistols :smirk:
Detailed cleaning? Every 5K - 6K rounds (I’d say every 2 - 3 months)

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I used to be very very into a spotlessly clean gun. Part of it is I just like cleaning, and taking apart, guns. Engineer in me… :smiley:

Generally, carry guns get shot at least once a month, and I will give them a quick cleaning after that. My competition guns will depend on what ammo I am shooting, and the conditions (dusty?). About every 1000 rounds or so I will give them a cleaning, or if they get sluggish. Might be less if I get a hankering to clean something. My competition AR rifles are the same. My pump shotguns I will clean once a year, and my semi-auto competition gun every 300 rounds. My precision rifles I clean every 50 at least, if not more often.

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Not as often as I should. :grimacing:

Every 300-500 rounds for pistols, if they’re what I’m training with, so a couple times a month. Unless they’re new, then every range trip untill they’re broken in.

Long guns, I’m not shooting often, so every time before they go back in the safe.

I clean my guns after any range trips. I inspect my edc daily and my other guns once a month, however I only clean them outside of after range use when I notice they need them.

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i shower with mine… so that would be daily.


I carry constantly in very harsh, dirty conditions. If it won’t run dirty I won’t own it.

With high volume shooting I’ll clean it pretty well daily but not obsessivly. Mostly blow out the dust and sand, borsenake, or or traditional barrel cleaning to remove build up.

Lightly lube, slap it back together.

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You may be joking but I’ll clean my stainless and treated guns in the shower occasionally to blow out the garbage, and remove any dirty lube buildup air dry, gun blast it, run the barrel occasionally.

Lube it, slam it back together and run with it.

Unfortunately you can’t get away from the fact that lubricants attract and hold dust and sand.


I live in the midwest… with humidity levels what they are here this time of year, just walking around with them is pretty much equivalent :grin:

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I do a pretty thorough cleaning after shooting. The carry guns get wiped down every now and then when Lint and particles stick to the gun. I usually take them to the range often enough to stay clean.

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After a trip to the range by firearm that fired more than 50 rounds gets a through field stripped cleaning. Less than 50 rounds I will run a bore snake through it and wipe it down but not field strip until next time it has less than 50 rounds again.

Carry firearm gets field stripped weekly.

Firearms that sit get field stripped every six months.

Firearms used around the farm on varmits get field stripped monthly.

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:+1: nothing wrong with that. I do the same… Once per year shower, compressed air, 30 min in isopropyl alcohol another compressed air blow.
Lube to preserve, lube on rails and other wear points -> then you have new gun again :love_you_gesture:
I treat my guns the same way as my car (guns save lives so have to be treated better :wink:).