Home defense: Risk of Overpenetration


Thanks to @KenM for sharing this video:

What ammo do you use for home defense? Have you seen any demos of that ammo? Please share them below.


Here’s a couple the USCCA did on different ammo:

Clear Impact: Inceptor 45 ACP https://youtu.be/vvPua1EsbdU

Clear Impact: 38 Special Wadcutter https://youtu.be/vpM6LICK4hs

There are a few others on our YouTube channel if you search for Clear Impact.


I was thinking after I saw the video that I need to get an FN chambered in .45 and get some frangable ammo. Then the dude started shooting a .223 and I thought there is no way that’s not going through everything. I’m glad I was wrong! I’m getting some federal power shock rounds and putting the 12 gauge back in the safe. It’s not a license to fire indiscriminately, but anything that can put the odds in the favor of bystanders, I’ll definitely take it.


It also helps living in a 100-year old house and having plaster-and-lathe walls.