Holster Soft Loops

Finally recieved my AIWB holster from Legacy Firearms 2 months later. Not really familiar with the soft loop setup. Any advice or secrets I need to know about?


Don’t point the firearm at you while taking pictures? :wink:


Nice rig, good claw. I’ve been using soft loops on kydex holsters for over ten years. I used to wear leather. I use kydex for stability and reholstering. I will say I never snap or unsnap the loops for fear that at some point they will loosen. Other than that, wear it in comfort and wear it 24/7/365.

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You hit the question I was thinking on the head! Sliding the belt through may help reduce wear and tear on the holster snaps. I’d still inspect the holster frequently depending on it’s age and how often it gets used (inspect more frequently if it’s used as the EDC).