Holosun DMS Red Dot + Thermal Hybrid Optic

Any thoughts?


I’d want to know what the resolution is. Looking into and buying a cheap thermal $600 last year, the ongoing sentiment is you get what you pay for, and it seemed like decent thermal starts at around $1500. It’d be great if this unit proved that wrong…edit, now up and out of bed, two sips of coffee and see the thermal starts at $1600, higher res at $2300…hmm, may be decent. I must have been looking at the price for the digital version while perusing my cell phone. Foggy memory, but thinking decent resolution would start at around the 1268x784 (?) mark.
Thermal is really interesting and even a cheap unit can offer an interesting experience. I can see that my motorhome has a grid shaped frame under the skin, see hot spots on my feet and the blown out veins on my leg, watch skunk and possums patrolling the yard, though, at any distance, it’s hard to tell which is which…
As far as clarity for the money goes, my Sionyx Aurora with the 905nm lamp blows the same priced thermal into the weeds, and mounted that in front of a prism…and it’s very clear out well past 100 yards in pitch black conditions. Thermal and digital each offer their advantages.

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The night vision and thermals I have seen are bulky and have digital zoom that pixel out. I would like to see a less bulky, lighter weight red dot based thermal with no magnification and I am hoping the Holosun is it. It is supposed to MSRP at $1000. I would want to see how they hold up before buying.

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the digital NV is $1000, the thermal is $1600/$2300 per the article.

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Oh boy! New cool stuff possibly :us:

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