HOA and Ban on Guns


Respectfully we need to ban together a defend our
State and Federal Laws, and know and understand
the change our Supreme Court has been doing.

There have been victories in destroying the Courts Gun and Equipment Bans, but we must stay alert because
Illegally Banning our Firearms is still out there.

Traders are still common and they will lie on you for
their gold and silver. This is not kicking a dead horse
to death either.


Uh n, they can’t! These morons have no legal authority to do squat. Sheeple seem to believe they have to do what they’re told. Not so. I obey the law, I would not obey an “association”


Damn my hoa is trying to ban my guns, the deer cats coons wolves and magpies have joined forces to ban my guns, what should I do?


This is Awareness not blaming you. I have been in
HOA Territory for 24 years and Gun Controlling
Know it Alls for more than 7 years now.

I am with the Constitution and it does not take long to memorize it.


Joking around may be enjoyable, but Gun Control is killing people more and more each day.


This is what the Utah law says. Kind vague, doesn’t specifically address HOA’s but it does refer to “temporary residence”.

Index Utah Code
Title 76 Utah Criminal Code
Chapter 10 Offenses Against Public Health, Safety, Welfare, and Morals
Part 5 Weapons
Section 511 Possession of loaded firearm at residence or on real property authorized.

76-10-511. Possession of loaded firearm at residence or on real property authorized.
Except for persons described in Section 76-10-503 and 18 U.S.C. Sec. 922(g) and as otherwise prescribed in this part, a person may have a loaded firearm:

(1) at the person’s place of residence, including any temporary residence or camp; or

(2) on the person’s real property.


I live in Florida and I am pretty sure we have many
code as well. I am on your side not HOA or Biden’s
Illegal hell. There are people that need to check all this out and we stand together as a team, not like Gun Control and they are a MOB and they abuse our Rights and Constitution.

I do care for people. I own my on home here for 24 years now and HOA can gather their own garbage and


IIRC the Constitution and Bill of Rights ARE the law of the land???

so a HOA trying to disarm folks is in direct violation of said Constitution and Bill of Rights???

suppose you could take em to court… is a shame that you would need to do so…

not all that long ago such wouldn’t even be a thought in most peoples minds…

also with what happened in Israel recently being disarmed in your own home is just wrong!!!

think tellin the HOA they will be held accountable for deaths and harm over such might make rethink?

maybe even tryin to make em sign an agreement that they ACCEPT all responsibility for the such?

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BAN THE HOA!!! :rage: As an AMERICAN we have the RIGHT TO HOMEOWNERSHIP! :point_up: HOA DID NOT WRITE THE CONSTITUTION AND THE BILL OF RIGHTS! SO :fu: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :wink:


They can try but I’ll just ignore the Karens of HOA.


Good Topic, No one is blaming you.
(some just having a little leg pullin’ fun)
I’m just a Section [76-10-503] @ heart myself
(or is that Section_8? I confuse the 2 a lot :rofl:)
Some HOA’s (my opinion only! Are just Nazi’s @ heart)
Little Tyrants w/ a little power and it goes straight to their heads.
Just look @ the Fool the Big Chair Resident Dribble Drawers…
(I have to change up my depiction of him or I will get stale) Nuff said.
A local HOA wanted to follow our illustrious leader .GOV (NM) MLG
in ‘Confiscating’s’ their own peoples firearms after she decided to
ignore the 2nd Amendment and BAN CCW/Open carriers from…uh…CARRYING!
This was done quietly (as the Nazi’s also did…@ first)
A Brother of mine I shoot with told me all this (2) weeks ago. They tried this stunt
AFTER Ms. Grisham was bitch slapped down by the courts, AFTER the Protests…
Stupid is as stupid does. A letter was (quietly) written by the HOA members and the
HOA Board ousted the woman Immediately. Seems they had no knowledge (understatement here)
of her actions…yeah right! They NEVER do right? But if it worked they would take the credit.
Typical .gov Tactics.
I don’t live in an HOA (Thank little baby Jesus), I don’t see the point in paying a mortgage, Taxes,
and then on top of it PAY AGAIN to live in a community! That’s not community in my mind
that’s Elitism EXTORTION…and then these azzwipes can tell me what I can’t or Can’t do on my own property…I DON’T THINK SO. If I want (10) cars up on Cinder Blocks! I will!
If I want to build a MOAT and stock it with ALLY GATOR’S (and a drawer bridge, definitely a drawer bridge!) I will. “You can’t have Grass!”, “You must put your trash cans out btw 1100 and 1400 the day before” What kind of stoopid $hitis that? It’s like they stay up late and think of asinine rules to
for the masses to follow… oh wait! that sounds vaguely familiar :thinking:

Sorry Brother , I went off on my usual Friday “day of rage” tangent again.
I like living in a ‘diverse’ community…(not THAT diversity!) Some homes are really nice, some not so much,
I have a racist neighbor that can’t stand me 'cause I’m Pigment deficient so I give him the :fu: every time I see him and bought a Jaguar just to urinate on his parade! IT WORKED! :upside_down_face:
Just the fact they call it a GATED COMMUNITY shouts elitism to me, PRISONS are GATED!

I like the path not chosen by the masses.
Have a great ’ Day of the dead day, Lock N load"




Where oh where did they come up w/ the name ‘Karen’?
What if your GF or Wife is named Karen?
But I do get the Male version (Dick/Richard) right off the bat!
THAT MAKES SENSE! Don’t be a D—!
But I must say that the face that usually goes with the slang also fits!

Update: The second Vehicle detail was a ‘GUNNER!’, Open carry
and potential new shooting Brother! Now I know there are (2) cool
people in Albuquerque…almost an extinct specie!



Do not condemn women named KAREN. My wife was named Karen, please stop.


Actually, that is EXACTLY what I was saying
How do they just come up with a name to TARGET
a group? they could have called them ‘TURNIP’S’ or ‘Belinacrans’
Why an actual name that is attache dto thousands upon Thousands of Human’s
No disrespect meant my Brother. I just don’t get it that’s all.
If you read some of the $hit I write there are so many things rattling around up there
some are bound to leak out and here with My Brothers and Sisters.
This wasn’t a dig on anybody named Karen , there are plenty of Dick’s out here also…
Just sayin’
My apologies once again William.



I am not upset at you. In my life I have been called some old dirty names in my life, but someone very special helped straighten me out. There are some rough characters around all of us. Please have a safe and great weekend.


You too my Brother, You too.