High End & Most Expensive 1911's

I can speak for myself only…but… this is not a high end 1911… even it’s high priced . :smiling_imp: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I was thinking about this for last 2 days… it was sitting in my head… but I couldn’t recall the name…
Today I found it !

Another 2011 manufacturer, who belongs to my “top of the line 2011 pistols”:

SVI Infinity 2011 - all models.


Thank you for pointing that out to me. I had forgotten about that benefit.


I own an A1 loaded and used to own a TRP. While decent pistols I wouldn’t call the Springfields “high end” by any means.

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yeah, SVI makes awesome handmade 2011 style race guns, but they are all 100% handbuilt and fitted pistols. SVI’s QC blows even Staccato’s out of the water

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No wonder why… SVI and Staccato came from the same Company… :wink:
Staccato chose duty and defense pistols route… SVI makes racing guns. So yes, SVI beats Staccato… but not on the field we work on.

Yeah, they diverged 10 or so years ago. About the cheapest SVI I’ve ever seen was $7k, with most of their unlimited style guns being $8-9k or so.

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I guess I thought at twice the price of a TRP, the Custom series might be high end, but I guess not.

They just started offering those not that long ago if memory serves. I cannot say I have any hands on with one of their Custom shop pieces yet. for $3500 it better be comparable to a nighthawk custom or an ed brown. for that price I would imagine they are more than just tuned production guns.

Cabot has thrown their version of the double stack 9mm 1911 into the mix:

Insurrection a Doublestack 1911 by Cabot Guns

It appears to be of the 3 piece slide, frame, grip design, which includes this bonus: “Magazines are STI/2011 compatible”

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Good find !
I’m wondering if those 2 years of development (for me is 2 years of delay) really make it better than other 1911 DS firearms.
I see 2 good improvements, not found on other pistols:

  • recessed slide stop / release lever with same cut on the other side to rest your thumb

Screenshot from 2023-12-14 09-18-34

Screenshot from 2023-12-14 09-18-26

  • internal extractor, not exposed to outside

Screenshot from 2023-12-14 09-17-52


Let’s wait for reviews… I’m hoping “sootch00” and “Honest Outlaw” will post their videos soon.


Maybe if enough of us plop down the $6k+ they will make a compact 4" barrel version. I wonder what the thought pattern was to introduce it as a 5" barrel?

A couple of other features I picked up in the video are the reverse dovetail front sight and the Stainless Steel grip module.

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I think this reversed dovetail is just marketing thing. So far I never have single problem with front sight being shifted left / right on standard cut out.
SS grip module is interesting. It already has been introduced by other $5K and more manufactures… and actually I wouldn’t even expect polymer grip in such priced pistol :grinning:

4" barrel will be a great option… but I think they want to see if 5" will be a good seller…
5" seems to be a standard for 1911/2011 pistols and good start point for a new models…

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I love my Springfield


Thank you for all the replies. It has occured to me that I own four 1911s from four different companies, and yet not one of them is chambered in 45ACP. I know that when I win the lottery (or the USCCA daily giveaway), I want - don’t need - a high end 45ACP 1911. So I am preemptively finding those obscure makes to choose from when the time comes :slight_smile:

I hear ya! One of my current 1911’s is a Springfield EMP4 9mm. It is a pleasure to shoot and is an EDC for me. :+1:


Which actually is not a bad thing.
Most of high end pistols come with 9mm. :slightly_smiling_face:
As I mentioned before… “1911 in .45” era is already gone. These days we have a new player who does his job well.

Lies, suppressed .45 acp will never go away lol 230g ball are subsonic to begin with. It just naturally makes the most sense to suppress


I’ve never said .45 goes away… I’m saying 9mm is more popular with new models these days.

HEATHEN!!! :rofl:


Absolutely true :clap::sunglasses: