High Capacity Mags in Connecticut

Is it allowed in the State of Connecticut to tape 2 10 round magazines together??

*Standard capacity

I’m not a lawyer or anything like that, but the law against magazines that hold more than 10 rounds doesn’t seem to care if you have to different magazines that happen to be attached to one another

  • Reduced Capacity

You can probably do better than tape depending on what platform you are using…


But technically I would have 2- 10rd mags which have to be removed and re inserted. Hence 1 mag, realease empty, flip around insert mag!!


I actually meant that the other way around although I see my post wording was, cryptic.

I agree that it’s two magazines and should be fine, but also, I am not a lawyer, and, given how the government and LE has been interpreting things, I can absolutely see a person being charged and, best case, having to prove in court that they had two separate magazines and not one magazine even though they were attached into one.

Sad reality and risk to be worrying about. :frowning:


I could see something like this really getting into the grey area.

It’s one piece but functions like two ten round magazines.


I can see that happening to, especially in CT!!!

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So what I have is I just bought a WWII M1 carbine. Didnt come with mags, so I bought 4 10 rd mags.
They ar so small!!! My god!.
Ray. Taped together it looks like it should look if you’ve watched Combat in the 60s!!:grin:


There’s a good chance you could be prosecuted for the type of tape used in the combining the two “separate” mags together!
Scotch tape=misdemeanor, Duct tape=felony, Colored duct tape ( depending on color, ie: camouflage ) =felony-misdemeanor!

We all know, in “blue” states, two 10 round magazines taped together equals one 30 round magazine! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Hence, “high capacity”.

I’m no lawyer, but this is not a 100 round magazine no matter how you combine them!


Thank you Scott very informative :grin:

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I bet you could get someone to TIG weld a spacer between the two magazines and do away with the tape.
Excellent choice on the carbine btw!

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Thank you. I would think if welded, it becomes more permanent or one??


It’s been a few days since I saw M1 carbine magazines. I would imagine they have removable base plates like most other magazines. If you could acquire a couple of spare base plates to weld together, then you could go back to original configuration when desired.

Check out https://www.gunpartscorp.com/

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Unless they multiplied the 10x2 or did 10 squared. :thinking::scream:


Ok, I’ll play…if I weld this to my Toyota…?

You know that may work!!!:smile:

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Happy anniversary to you sir!

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I have reviewed the CT State statues about this and it mentions that if the mags aren’t "permanently " attached, ie: welded etc they are acceptable. Mine are dictated, which is not permanent. Plus, the mag needs to be ejected and flipped around to access another 10 rounds.

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