California Standard Capacity (Over 10 rounds) while CCW

If you legally own a Standard Capacity (Over 10 Rounds) Magazine in California, and you have your CCW issued through your county, can you carry that Standard Capacity Mag concealed? I understand that you can possess it, I just wasn’t sure if you could, under CA CCW Laws, carry that magazine concealed.

I’m in Orange County. Maybe someone knows, even if it is legal under CA CCW Laws, is it against the CCW Policy/License in the OC?

Thanks for any insight. References appreciated.


Welcome @Richard60, Here’s my take I only use the 10 capacity mags in CA until the case is settled. There was a report of over 10rd magazines being confiscated in Ventura county by the Sheriffs Dept. They went before a judge and the case was thrown out but the Sheriff’s Dept refused to release the mags back to the owners indicating under the current status of the law they were no longer in his possession and now the law is outside the window of pre 2000 ban and the freedom week of 2019 so go get a lawyer is basically what he was told.

Then today while hanging out with 2 LA county Sheriff’s deputies I asked them about this case and they both said they’d confiscate any magazines over 10rds even if you don’t have a firearm and set simply in possession of them.

I was shocked I said no there’s a stay, he said that was over turned. I said no it was not ruled upon, the stay provides those in possession from the time period of freedom week and that of 1999 and prior to be lawfully able to have, keep, and use.

I just happened to have my latest CRPA magazine issue 1042 that had an article about it and the current status. I let them know that this group is the law firm in on the lawsuit. They were confused to say the lest. It basically boiled down to they conceded they can’t keep up with all the laws, I then said that’s why I take the path of least resistance and stick with 10rd magazines and fixed mag configurations, I talked about my new 9mm upper and mean arms endomag 10rd magazines. He then asked why I didn’t go featureless, I showed him a video of the hellfighter fixed mag kit installed and it’s a fast mag change with being able to keep the adjustable stock and pistol grip.

I then let him know Diane Feinstein wants to ban featureless configurations as they “circumvent” the law.

Bottom line, just because I can doesn’t mean I should

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I’m out in Riverside County, many of my friends are Sheriffs and city cops, not one of them would confiscate your standard capacity mags, either before or after freedom week.

Our new Sheriff is very Pro 2A, in his 7 months he has issued more CCW permits than he predecessor had in 11 years.

Specifically I live in the PS area and every cop I’ve spoken to has said they wouldn’t cite a law abiding citizen for carrying without a permit. They also realize that when the SHTF backup can be a long way off, they’d hope a good guy with a gun will back them up.

My suggestion is start talking to and get to know your local LEOs, ask the question and be prepared to educate.