Health problems and self defence

I am 77 years old and I have COPD and also a Thoracic Ascending Aneurysm so there is no way that I am aware of that would let me defend myself it attacked. I was wondering if anyone out there knows of something that can help me defend if I need to. I would like to know it there is a way other than lethal force for me. I do know that shooting someone would probably result in my own death from the stress. I am prepared to deal with that but I do want to be able to protect not only myself but my wife too. Any thoughts on this???


I feel you. There are a few other similar subject threads in the search icon. If I ever get a dog, I might want to explore a dog trained to defend, and there’s another string posted on that as well. Best regards:


I stay armed except in the shower so I have that covered. Having family in law enforcement and having some experience myself although back in the 60’s pepper spray is a no go for me as the effects not only get the attacker they usually get the person using it too. I do carry a tactical pen that might help me but I am looking for something that would not require a lot of physical action. I am always on alert but things can distract even the most observant of us. Thank you for the idea though.


Two thoughts;

Well trained dog with big teeth. Other than the big teeth part, dogs have been shown to increase vitality and life span. I read it in some medical journal but have no idea of the actual source for the info but it makes sense. With your health issues getting “Medical/Emotional support Malinois / Shepard or Dobie” should be easy. The training will be expensive (you’ll have to send it off) but you will get back a dog that will die for you.

Stun gun: It’s a contact weapon so you may take the first hit but if you are already that close you can light them up. Do they always work? No. But guns don’t always drop an attacker in one round either.

Actually 3 thoughts

High Lumen flashlight. I’m talking over 1K lumens. They are making some amazing lights right now in little bitty packages. Getting blasted in the eyes is very much akin to taking a physical punch to the face. Try it some time, it’s not pleasant.




@Harvey11 >>> a small caliber handgun or bear spray. You should keep it with you at all times >>>

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I need a cane for balance when I walk so I always have a weapon in my hand. I use a heavy wooden cane not the cheap aluminum ones. :us:

“Boxing will get a gentleman out of a great many scrapes into which he may fall, but in some parts of the Union he will come across men who habitually carry knives or pistols and in such a case a stout walking-stick, if he knows how to use it, may save his own life, and—what I consider more important—prevent the necessity of his taking the life of another. It may seem strange to some that I, who have passed my time in the profession of arms, and have lived so much in Spanish-America, where the use of weapons is universal and duels of everyday occurrence, should have a horror of taking life; and yet I can honestly say that I have always avoided it, except where there was an absolute certainty that the question lay between my own life and that of another who sought to kill me. For this reason I have always avoided the use of the pistol, except in battle. You cannot spare a man’s life with the pistol, and no generosity can be shown therewith. You must kill him or he kills you. With the cane it is different. Many are the pistols and knives that I have struck from the hands of men by a smart blow on the wrist with a cane, and many are the murderous brawls I have prevented in this way. As a queller of disturbances, I know of nothing better than a hickory or ash stick.” Col. Thomas H. Monstery ,

I’ve actually thought about buying a cane for environments where I can’t carry. However I’ve also wondered if that would make me look like more of a potential target or even raise eyebrows as to why I have it if I obviously don’t need it. There are some places a cane could get into that pepper spray can’t.

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A cane is considered a medical device, just say you have a bum knee that is healing.
As long as you are not limping and obviously in a weakened condition you should be less of a target. I need mine every day but am glad to have it in my hand.
I buy used wooden canes from thrift shops for a few dollars and refinish them. :+1:

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I want to thank everyone of you for your thoughts. I have come up with the easiest solution, I think. I can’t get a dog as my wife is allergic to them and can’t be around them as much as we love a dog and have had some in the past.
A man in our church gifted he a very nice and heavy walking stick that I have started to use when outside at home and if our general neighborhood and have found a really nice wooden cane to carry at other times. I have no idea of who carved it but evidently he was in the same situation I am in as it looks like it was carved to use not only as a walking aid but also as a weapon. There is nothing sinister looking about it but if you look at it really close it has an unusual know on it that will be very harmful to an attacker but will not really cause lasting injury except maybe to their pride.
Thanks again for answering me. The USCCA Community is the best. I am so glad I joined.

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