Any thoughts on firearms training for visually impaired spouse?

My wife is visually impaired and home alone sometimes. She shares my convictions regarding the legal use of firearms for the defense of self and others. She is extremely visually impaired and we have gone back and forth about options for home defense if someone were to be able to get into the house when she’s home alone. Right now she’s not comfortable with the safe handling of say a revolver (simple to manipulate) but is willing to under go training and see how it goes. Does anyone have thoughts about this? Helpful advise on how to train, any available materials, etc. Thanks so much.

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This would be the biggest concern. If it were me in your position a dog would be part of my home defense plans. And instead of looking for a pistol I would be looking towards a shotgun. A 20 gauge with a self defense load. Training wouldn’t be too complex basic weapons handling and threat identification. Protecting one doorway with a shotgun would not require much so it should help with confidence and peace of mind in building a solid foundation towards future training goals.

Layer your security levels(we should ALL do this) from the outside of the house to your Alamo inside. Our landscaping is clean with nowhere to hide, security system signs along with beware of dogs. For the smart criminals the flag I fly could also be a warning.

We have our last stand location and anyone getting past the dogs to the door threat identification becomes very easy. If first responders are coming to the house we tell them we have guard dogs and give them a safe word to use when knocking and we will put the dogs away.


Again. The solution could be claymore mines. Grenades might work too.


If the impairment is that extreme, I like the dog and shotgun idea in addition to some passwords/phrases or code words to use amongst yourselves, don’t want her blasting you after taking out the trash in the middle of the night! My wife, children and grandchildren are familiar with certain passwords/phrases only we know. Word challenges not met are introduced to my little friends!
Crazy example, I like Tom Cruise movies, her favorite band is Meatloaf!
I come in after dark she yells cruise, I reply meatloaf. Not an impossible mission. We’ve used our passwords/phrases for the past 20 years. Needed them twice!
It’s something I think that the Florida man need before he hurt his pregnant wife!


As a Training Expert, if she came to me for training, I would train her based on HER comfort level and abilities.
She would still be able to come to a high compressed ready position, and DRIVE the firearm out into a kinesthetic alignment on target, using unsighted fire. This is what the body does naturally, she would be able to hit her target at close range.

We would also visit your home as part of training and have her become familiar with what an intruder would do, and how they would act upon entry. We would simulate scenarios, issue voice commands and retreat and barricade, as well as firearm defense.

Other practices such as Emergency Reloads, Slap Roll Rack (Yes I meant in this order) are done and studied while NOT looking at your firearm anyway, so this would be a natural.

In conclusion, you say she is willing to get training. Take advantage of this as soon as you can with a competent private instructor who as part of the training would be willing and see the absolute need to visit your home as part of the training.

I hope this helps. :slight_smile:


I appreciate your suggestions. Cost prohibitive for us and though I have not looked into it I’m sure those options are even more scarce than revolvers and shotguns. I’m sure training would be much more extensive as well… the claymores might be the answer for our mole problem though:)

BTW,Thank you for your service!

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Thanks sheepdog…we have a dog, a 20 lb. Rat terrier who licks and sniffs; he is however good at letting us know if there’s someone/something outside.

I get what you’re saying about layers of security. We’re working on exterior lights, and there is nowhere to hide along our house. We’ve talked about our room behind the bed facing the door in terms of last stand.

Thanks for pitching in and helping.


Thanks Scott. The use of code words and threat identification has been suggested to us before and you’re confirming the wisdom of that. We’re working on that. The last thing she (or me) needs is for a tragic and unavoidable accident to occur.

God bless

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This is all great stuff to consider. I will be looking into availability of training with the components you mentioned. These all make sense to me.

In terms of firearms selected, two people have already suggested the shotgun. I think I understand why, but our concern is being able to weild that well. You mentioned starting with her comfort level. So, we could begin with training with a revolver to see how she does and then"work up" to a shot gun? The reason I am mentioning the revolver is because we’ve already tried the semi automatic, too hard to rack the slide, plus she’s familiar with the revolver.

One more question regarding ammunition. I know that under regular conditions hollow points are suggested for self defense, and I understand the reasoning. But with the visually impaired what do you think about this ammunition that I see that CCI makes that I call snake shot? It comes in various handgun calibers and looks like bird shot. Could this be effective?

I want to thank everyone for pitching in. This is a great resource. It’s hard to find people who want to or are willing to talk about this stuff, and really seem to understand the questions. God bless you all

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I can imagine a bunch of issues with weapon retention and maneuverability in tight spaces of a shotgun or other long gun for a blind user. A good alarm system and safe room would be my first recommendations. Follow that with perhaps a well trained guard dog and some specifically designed hand gun and hand to hand training as described above.


What if you are physically unable to communicate with first responders? Does your alarm company have data to give them as how to enter premises? Is there a lock box with keys? There have been instances where dogs were killed by responding police. Just saying …

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The alarm company has a verbal password to give to first responders.

As far as the dogs go, I understand dogs have been harmed and or killed by responding officers. We’ve taken as many precautions as we can but have also just accepted this as part of life. We can’t mitigate all the risks or dangers. Please don’t mistake this for not loving our dogs. They are family, but we also understand why we have them


Regarding ammo. Snake shot would be pretty useless. If your house is really close to your neighbors then you might need to consider rounds that are less likely to penetrate through walls. But most of those rounds, such as the frangible rounds sold for self defense, are much less affective at stoping an attacker.

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In reverse order, the CCI snake shot is good for short range fireing, and when I say short range I mean short range. In penetration tests it does NOT penetrate corrugated plastic (cardboard box made out of that white plastic stuff) at anything over about 4 feet. So NO, do not consider that.

A shotgun would be too unwieldy and cumbersome for her to use. You can’t use kinesthetic alignment with a long gun unless you press the stock of said long gun into actually the center of your neck or face. The intimidation and comfort factor of her even trying to train with this would, from your indications, shut her down as even wanting to use a firearm.

A revolver is the simplest firearm to use and manipulate. My recommendation would be a 22lr, of any reputable brand. We use the Ruger LCR 22.

Wish I lived close to you guys, we’re here in TX or I’d come for a visit.


This is an interesting issue. I have no clue what would be most effective. I wonder if this is simply the point at which you submit your fate over to others and God.

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Actually, Texas sounds pretty good to me. Thanks for that recommendation. But is a .22 a threat stopper? I have a .357 which she has shot before with.38’s. I can get a .38 revolver real easy… not contradicting you, just asking questions. I’ll save the snake shot for their intended purpose.
BTW… isn’t the Taurus Judge a .410 ? Never shot one so I don’t know about recoil.

So at a minimum it sounds like that practicing scenarios, going through a plan together, range time, etc are all in order.

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410s don’t have much kick.


Wow, that’s actually what we do except I would use the term sovereignty of God rather than fate. I believe in being faithful with what God has given me, doing my best with that, and leaving the rest to Him. My wife and I don’t fear ultimate outcomes because we trust Him. But I am going to do my level best to be faithful to God’s call to protect my family.
I really appreciate you bringing that up friend, because so much is out of our control. Also, I am truly just responding to your comment not trying to preach…this all goes hand and hand.


I actually have considered the judge

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