Heads up if you are in the IRR

Mostly medical MOS’s for now.


They’re not going to want any combat arms MOSs to come back. There are only so many motor pools that can be swept in the rain. Lol.


Don’t sell it short. It’s the rainy season. Lol

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I had some great experiences in the IRR. I wish I hadn’t aged out :slightly_frowning_face:

I got my 30 years and done letter in the mail a few years back but as a Navy Chief Petty Officer I am forever on the roles to be recalled. Navy Chief’s are promoted by Congress and it literally takes an Act of Congress to demote one. I still fit in my Dress Blues and Choker Whites but I’ll be damned if I am shaving and getting a hair cut. I told that to my eldest son who want’s me to attend his Marine Corps Boot Camp Graduation in an updated uniform, fortunately the Uniform Regulations allow it for retiree’s. That said it costs me about $200 to build my ribbon board and takes 3 - 6 weeks for the board to be custom made and I picked up 5 medals/ribbons since I retired :weary: