Retirement pros and cons

Well after 45 years I retired this past January and is about been a year. These are a few pros and cons that I’ve discovered.
More time at the range.
More time for my lady.
Discovering how to be lazy.

More time at the range!$$$
More time with my lady!
Discovering how to be lazy! Lol



Cons of not being retired: jealous of retired people.


In all seriousness, congratulations brother! I hope you enjoy it!


Bidens first day in was my first day out, one final mass layoff at my aerospace shop and at 61, I had enough, and was fortunate in knowing what a roller coaster ride the industry is so saved what I could and paid off everything when times were good, and stocked up on ammo when it was cheaper…similar observations to yours, but learned to 1) Go to the club on the quietest days, because I can 2) after decades of spending no time with the wife, 20 minutes is working out well lol. Some days might be an hour together, and that’s when I start getting antsy 3) have the time to actually do some projects right, not just fast 4) Never got along with management until now. I also no longer need to deal with political correctness or clueless kids who think engineering consists of nothing more than CAD models and spitting out emails.
After nearly 2 years, I’m still getting job offers on occasion, have 2 places offering my pay/my hours; " If you get bored, give us a call", but I’ve had enough. Retired and healthy/fit, not going to waste these days as ya’ never know when it’ll change.


Now all you need is a hot dog cart and a hobby. :rofl:


Don’t fret, my friend. It’s coming.


Ive been retired 9 years now. The first 4 were great, I found a group of other retired guys that liked to meet at the range every Wednesday morning, shoot, and then go out for lunch after. Then my oldest son became very sick and long story short, our retirement plan dramatically changed. I will be coming out of retirement in January, taking one of those “my pay, my hours” positions.

I guess what I am saying is I wish you well and hope you and yours continue in good health and enjoy living the dream :+1:


That is why, when I retired, I took a part time position at my local range, and got RSO and Pistol Instructor certified. Changes the $$$ dynamic to <$. Helps with the other two items as well. :wink:


Well one year so far so good for me but one of the biggest reasons I retired a few years earlier than I had planned was some bad back issues. 45 years sitting at a laboratory bench looking through a microscope took its toll on my back. If you did ask me 20 years ago I could have never told you my second best friend is my TENS unit!

If I had to give any of these younger guys some advice looking in hindsight I would have took more time to smell the roses along the way and stayed in better shape. All that said I’m thankful that I can still get to the range and I’m mobile. Life is good!


I retired early at 62. And it was because I had been out of work for 8.5 years. And it was a way for me to get funds to help me live on. And now I do volunteer work for Convention of States. And I’m working on becoming a Constitution Coach with Patriot Academy where I’ll be able to teach the Constitution and what it is and what it isn’t. And also teaching what out Founding Fathers were thinking when they wrote the Constitution. And I will be able to teach it either in person or online. I’ve also started back up taking a Hebrew course that I was taking before I ended up in the hospital and had to stop taking the course. And yes it does give me more time to go to the range and to reload ammo to go shooting.


Here’s a thought. Retire but don’t tell your wife. When she asks why your leaving late, tell her shorter hours…


Congratulations to those that have retired! May your retirement be long and happy! May your problems be small.


I plan on retiring at the end of next year. Until the “pandemic” and the rest of the non-sense, I was looking forward to it. I still am, but with less optimism. I still have at least three legs, just one is bit shorter now than I had projected it to be… :sunglasses: My boss will be retiring shortly after me, so I definitely do not want to stick around longer than that - I don’t want his job, and the pay differtial is not enough to make me want to stay.


One observation after almost 12 years.
I don’t know how I ever had time to go to work.


Some periods of time, Desert Storm, Persian Gulf, Iraq, Afghanistan etc., working for the military industrial complex, I wondered why I even headed home.
Too many co-workers got addicted to that, and died without making retirement.


I cannot fathom how surreal it must be to come home from those places.

Thank you for your service. :pensive:


First, I want to thank all the people who are still working contributing to my social security. I retired at the ripe old age of 57 after 35 years with the Air Force (20 active duty). I don’t regret a minute of it…retirement is awesome. Time at the range, new toys, new friends. Life is good. Go live your best life!


I too was United States Air Force although I did not retire from there. Thank you for your service and all other veterans as well


Happy anniversary @Carroll2 !


Congratulations brother. Been retired 7yrs & enjoying ever minute. So easy to keep busy or do nothing with no regrets.