Hard to by a gun

Journalist gets eyes opened. Apparently there is a whole process to go through.


What?! Background checks, ID’s that match your actual address? I just don’t believe it. :grinning:


It was actually pretty easy for me to buy my gun. :slight_smile:
But that was because I researched what I needed ahead of time and had it prepared.

I ordered it online and had it shipped to a local FFL.
When it arrived I went in with the required documents, filled out the form and waited about 30 minutes for the background check to go through.
Then left with my firearm.

Maybe the reason these people find it so hard to do things is because they don’t bother to do the research and learn what is required before they do it. Every decision is an impulse to them.


They think they’ve done the research by asking one of their anti-gun gurus who tells them that 16 year olds can walk into any gun store and buy an automatic weapon with no questions asked. Then they set out to prove it by showing up at the gun counter and being surprised when they see the guns being stored and handled very carefully, and then they get asked all those questions and have to produce suitable ID.

When they find out they can’t just walk out with any old gun, they either keep quiet because it doesn’t fit their agenda, or they talk about how the gun store is ok, but all those others must be the ones making it so easy.

You can’t win.


But I do commend the journalist who reported truthfully about her experience, despite it being not what she expected.


It’s nice to see the news report the truth.