Loopholes In Background Checks Disproved

Here’s an amusing anecdote from 2016. Back then, a reporter for Chicago’s SUN-TIMES - Neil Steinberg - was on a mission to prove that anybody could buy a gun - even terrorists and lunatics - but his efforts fell flat. After he had paid for an AR-15 and was going through the 24-hour background-check waiting period required, he received a call from the gun shop - he was to receive a refund, and had failed the background check, because of his history of alcohol abuse, and a charge of domestic abuse when he slapped his wife during an argument. What’s the topper here is that his editor refused all of his excuses, and made him write an accurate account of the actual events - he still tried to slant the facts and hide his police record, but the facts are still there - kudos to the editor, and the backfire brought on by this liberal POS!


I thought folks might like to have the actual article linked for this post:
STEINBERG: Would-be terrorists can buy guns, but a reporter? No.
By Neil Steinberg Jun 16, 2016, 11:03pm CDT

Be sure to read the last three paragraphs



I think that he, like many who are against firearm ownership, project their own fears of what THEY would do, and are incapable of understanding that others are not so unbalanced.


Same thing the name calling party is guilty of.