Handmade leather holster/made and crafted in the USA

Got this from tandy leather out of Texas. Easy kit to do retailing about $27. Be surre to wrap your handgun in saran wrap and wet the leather inside and out. The grain side of the leather I sanded applied super shene where the weapon is housed. You can then mold the leather with your fingers for a custom fit. Uses a rubber O ring to secure the top part of your firearm. This kit is for a semi automatic.


Couple of suggestions:

  1. Make sure to really clear you weapon after using saran wrap. I used a zip lock bag and fold the extra on the back side to make sure it’s dry and I don’t have to clean it afterwards. If you plan on making more, you might want to invest in a blue gun for your model (cost is around $30). Blue guns are the plastic replicas of various models that you can buy. Also come in red but mostly blue and are used for martial arts training and self defense training.
  2. dunk your pistol holster in water and don’t use your finger, use something a little harder. I use a rounded head dowl or a deer tusk to shape leather I work on. You can buy the deer tusk at any pet store (dogs love them).
  3. you’ll want to work on the trigger guard area a little more to really get a good lock in spot. Just don’t go crazy as you don’t want to have it squeeze the trigger.
  4. you don’t need the thumb strap, the leather should hold it quite well without the thumb strap (after you shape it more).
  5. cut out some of the leather around your mag release. My first few holsters I made I didn’t and I kept dropping mags when I drew the firearm because I didn’t notice the leather was pressing & ejecting partially my mag while in the holster.

Otherwise, great job, your stitching looks great.

Thank you for the tips, I will take them to heart. Take care my friend.

No worries, I know you didn’t ask for my feedback but honestly you did FAR better than my first few I made for myself. I’ve since made around 37 pistol holsters for close friends and family. I do it for fun and have no intention of turning it into a profit…just like being able to do things for myself. I also like making my own knives and sheaths for those too. It’s a great relaxation tool. Leather is great, once it’s wet, you can literally mold it into anything. When my daughter was younger, she wanted to be batgirl so I made her a custom leather headpiece. Everyone said I was taking it too far but on Halloween, I was the coolest dad for a day which made it completely worth the days of labor I invested.

Eric I can tell you’re a cool guy. I have been doing leather work for close to 30 years but I am always open to the latest and greatest. I’ve made a lot of kits over the years, and custom work for friends. But at 62 years old I do not know everything and this is the first holster I’ve made. Thank you for the constructive advice. I try to pay attention to details and I hope you and your family are happy and safe.


Thank you and share more…I wish there were more leather projects I could do when it’s too hot to work in the garage or outside…Leather is my how weather hobby when I can’t build something in the workshop but I have no need for leather bags and have too many wallets already! Let me know if you come up with anything else I can try!

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I’ll try to send a message. The prices from tandy are borderline outrageous and they are open only limited hours in Orlando Florida. There stuff is good and I am a advocate of you get what you pay for. But I am open to ideas myself. Take care and God bless…