Custom-made Holsters

What’s been your experiences with custom makers? The only leather I’ve always thought was worth a hoot is horsehide - also known as “cordovan”, named after Cordoba, Spain, where it became famous during the Moorish occupation. It’s tanned differently than cowhide, and not subject to the stretch cowhide can go through. I’ve always thought that corfam - the synthetic leather still used for shoes - would make a great liner material, stiffening the holster while giving you a slick draw. One custom maker I shopped years ago - Hauer I believe was his name - offered several exotic leathers, including sharkskin that was shown in one of his shoulder holsters. One holster from Galco I really looked at was their “Big Game” - it used a thumb-break to release the holster body, which was mounted on a swivel-yoke - instead of diving for it, the body reverted from vertical to horizontal, allowing a draw across your chest.


I’ve got one leather custom made for 1911… just to own a “old style, god, nice looking set”. It looks really nice… but that’s it. This is not for everyday use :slightly_smiling_face:
However it is still from horsehide…which for me is the right material for such stuff.

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Custom makers can also be found that make Kydex, plastic, leather, etc. I only have a few semi-custom from Kramer in horsehide. I am happy with them, but waiting 3-6 months for delivery means I often have to do more research and an extra purchase for something off the shelf while waiting.

So far, I’ve been happy with the Galco cowhide leather holsters I’ve tried (only have one style from Bianchi but I like it).

I’ve been debating going through Wilson Combat, Beretta, and some other gun manufacturers websites, since often they have model specific holsters from semi-custom manufacturers in stock, rather than going to the actual holster manufacturer and waiting months for something to be made from scratch.

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I have boxes of custom holsters I’ve had mad over the years and when I field carry or go to a social gun event I will carry in one of them. In the last few years I have migrated to just about 100% Kydex for EDC and my leather holsters are just out there lingering. I think my days of ordering custom leather are just about over. I can’t think of anything else I want.

I had great results from Black Point Tactical. They made a custom Kydex holster for my Sig M17-320 with my Stramlight TLR 8 light/laser mounted.

Not cheap, 8 weeks to arrive, but well worth it.

I’m casually looking right now for someone to make me a custom drop leg rig for my LAR Grizlly MK1 that isn’t all cowboy’d out. I had one made years ago for my 41 Mag Blackhawk by a friend that was just getting into the game but alas he has gone on to meet his maker. I say casually because I am trying to stay local, there are doggone few LAR’s out there and to fit the leather they need the gun or a model. I’m a little protective of it still.



I like Blackpoint too and I ran one of their holsters in my last class with my Glock 43X and it was superb. Unfortunately their website is a mess and I wish you could adjust the cant on their OWB holsters but hey, no one is perfect.

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Kurt17–I have a elephant skin pancake holster, mag holder and belt made by John at Hill Country Leather.

Here’s a picture.
hill country rig.pdf (93.0 KB)
John’s a great guy and he does awesome work.
It wasn’t cheap, but it’s worth it.
Had to do elephant–politically accurate and politically incorrect.

Have you tried these guys? Lar Win Grizzly Gun Holsters

Here’s their main page: Frontier Leather Works

Google Maps Info: Google Maps Frontier Leather Works

I don’t know anything about them, but they came up from a Google search.

@Scotty I also found them and they are VERY proud of their work. I may shoot them a line just to see what I want would cost. Thanks for looking!!



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I have two for the 1911s. A very vintage Milt Sparks IWB that I had made when I bought my Wilson many years ago. I think the turnaround was 6-8 mos. The other is a Monica Kuhn IWB that I really love, I think because I waited about a year for her to finish as her backlog was huge. Both horsehide. I still use them but not as often. Both have worn very well and no stretch evidence. Neither were cheap but this was pre kydex. They will still be serviceable long after I’m gone for sure.