Handicap carry on wheelchair

If you are away from your home or car because you are in a wheelchair and you have your Concealed and carry. Where are you going to be allowed to put your Weapon on the wheelchair when you have to enter a building that doesn’t allow you to enter with your weapon.

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For government stuff. I would call ahead see what they can or cannot do to accommodate.


That’s a great question, @Jose1. I would definitely call ahead, but I’m not sure you’ll get any additional options.

If you’re going to a Federal building, definitely lock it in your vehicle or leave it at home. It’s not optimal, but as responsibly armed Americans we’ve got to follow the laws.

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You’re probably not going to be able to enter the building with it on your person or hidden anywhere in the WC, you’d have to go back and leave it secured in your vehicle as per state law.