Guns not the problem


Guns are the problem when criminally violent people murder people using guns. Maybe not but I think people who are anti-gun think if they had a gun they would kill an innocent person.
The only way they know to express that is to ban guns.

I disagree guns are NOT the problem it’s a heart problem, if the person that is holding the firearm has evil intentions in his heart. I own 2 handguns a 20 gauge shotgun and a 30-06, and have never shot anyone.


Schools used to have rifle teams back in the 50-70s. Never heard of school shootings then. Guns are lifeless things unable to move unless actuated by a human. Its a ppl problem not a gun problem.

PS why aren’t cars blamed for drunk drivers?


I am trying to focus more on the anti-gun problem than the criminal gun problem.

A murderer is going to kill no matter what is outlawed. Take away the gun, he gets a knife. Take away the knife, he uses a hammer. Take away the hammer, he uses a rope. Their is no cure for evil except,IMO, Jesus Christ and the change of heart He brings.


That would be the truth and many people can’t accept the truth.