Gun Vault: Ruger LC9

I have carried Glocks, Walthers, S&Ws, & a taurus, The LC9s w/tritium sights & a grip sleeve is so comfortable IWB & a FOB paddle holster sits above the belt for untucked shirt & will slide into a pocket holster. It;s reliable & I do carry an extra clip in a belt clip that looks like a pocket knifebuy


I own the Ruger Security-9 but I want the LC9 now after watching the video. I’m not thrown back by low-capacity mags…in a self-defense situation I’d rather have reliability, sights for any lighting, and I feel the ability to use from compromising position is better accomplished with smaller guns.

I bought an LC9 several years ago, and replaced it ASAP with the LC9s, because of the long, DA trigger. The LC9s is a good gun, with a good trigger. I’m not a big fan of DA only triggers, and I detest “safe” firearms most of the time, and the modern gimmicks that make them so. Safety is the owners/operator’s responsibility. I taught recruits to shoot Beretta 92’s for several years, and the most difficult part was the DA/SA trigger control. It got to where the veterans would cock their pistols before going into a predictably bad situation!

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I have a Ruger New Model Blackhawk .357 mag. Super Redhawk .44 Mag, Ruger 22/45, P90DC, Security-9, and LCR .38 special.
I love Ruger handguns. A lot of gun for the money, and they will eat any ammo you want to run through them.

The Security-9 is a great little pistol. My current EDC.

I have a Glock 26, Walther CCP, & a Ruger LC9s. I choose to carry the Ruger LC9s. I have trutium sights I a Pachmyer grip sleeve. I typicaly use a Fobus paddle holster, The pistol is smaller t20180421_033811|666x500 han my other carry guns but is very reliable & accurate. I also like the safety & the trigger pull is nice. I use Hornady criticle defense 115gr. I have it bore sighted once a year