Gun socks, awesome sauce or hokum?

After a dive to the bottom of the lake I found my safe and that it has some carbines and rifles that can bump into each other when moving things around. One easy and inexpensive solutions seems to be gun socks. And because this group has some a high level of expertise and experience, and the ability to help others, I thought that I’d ask about your experiences before…pulling the trigger.

The firearms lengths measure from 36" to 46". Most socks seem to be 52" although they are available in other lengths and varying widths. For $5-$6 each if bought in 6 packs…I’m not willing to pay more unless there is a really good reason. So…

1-Does length matter or would one just fold the extra over the bottom or top?
2-They all look and are described in a nearly identical way. Are there good/bad ones?

Can’t find out anything about this brand, but I like that there are four colors for identification in sock.

Uglier color, manlier packaging, higher [Higher ](

Again, multicolor

Multi again
Almost Godzilla

One color
Lockdown brand, which I have at least heard of.

Grey only, 6 pack available
Allen…heard of them and have had mixed results.

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A few years back (like 20) i think Bianchi had a long term gun storage bag all I really remember was that it was blue. Somewhere along the line I was talking with folks in the know and the term VCI was thrown around. It had to do with a poly bag of some kind with this VCI treatment inside it as well as a bore plug thing that you could cut to fit. A couple of the fellas had stored their back up guns in a not so nice location and ended up leaving them there for a couple years (don’t ask, it’s a long story). On return they reported the guns were in the same condition as when they put them in. No help on names or brands tho. I for one am leery of gun sox of any type as I’ve seen them hold water IN as well as out.



Your doing the right thing to seek experienced feedback. I have used some socks in the past but my experience was that the guns in socks fared worse than the ones not. I think the material wicked away the oil or something. Anyway, my experience doesn’t mean that there aren’t good ones. I just dont have a need to ‘keep trying’. Maybe someone else out here has a recommendation they can swear by.

It isn’t impossible that I just put an actual sock on the stocks, where they are bumping into each other. The safe is dry inside. :slight_smile: