Gun Safety Advocate


He used to have a gun store in my neck of the woods. :astonished:

I’m guessing his favorite legislator of all time is Leland Yee. :wink:


Not a “gun safety” advocate, but a “gun control” advocate. Sad that even a web site that appears to be “firearm friendly” uses the anti-rights terminology.

[L]aw enforcement officials are allowed to get handguns that are not on the official list. The reason Deaser stole the identities of these men was so he could sell these other handguns to customers. This two-tiered system is only made worse by the fact that the state has not approved any new handgun on the market in the past decade.

I believe in the founding principle of egalitarianism. Any law that creates special classes of citizens is unconstitutional. One way to start fixing these laws is that firearm manufacturers and dealers should refuse to sell to any government agency or employee any firearm, cartridge, or accessory that a law-abiding citizen is not “allowed” to own.


Written in 2016 and yet, still relevant.
In the meantime, the only way to purchase a new semi-auto handgun not on the list is to be a law enforcement officer, movie prop master or other protected classes that are exempt from its requirements, a guideline that has Combs puzzled.
“If handguns that are not on the roster are so unsafe, then why does California allow law enforcement officers to buy them for personal use?” he asked.