Gun owners laugh out loud at idea of mandatory buybacks in MSNBC focus group


Rumor has it that some “buy back” scenarios shield sellers from having the “turn in” firearm from being checked as to it’s legal status (a stolen firearm etc.). … a good way to sell a “hot” item.
A possible outcome is that the thief is compensated … and the original owner looses again. What a deal.


You can’t buy back what you never owned to begin with.

“Buy Back” is nothing but forced confiscation at gun point with the gov’t giving you a pittance to give up your guns.

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“Restriction doesn’t mean confiscation.” Seems legit. Oh wait, “hell yes we’re going to take your AR-15’s.”

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Another outcome is criminals steal guns for the purpose of selling them at a buyback… I forget where but there was some evidence of that being a real thing.

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