Gun Owners About To be Doxxed


Man… New York sucks…


It’ll never happen, but what if folks who believed in 1A and 2A, and maybe some others all lived in the same states, and the folks who don’t believe, don’t want to pay police, and believe that looting etc. is an okay way to get your point across all live together in other states. Let it be the American experiment, part 2.


That may be happening already.
Call it a 2a flight… From unfriendly states to Idaho, Montana, South Dakota, Ok, etc…

I’m in Washington now, but won’t go anywhere near Seattle or Portland - just an example of changing attitudes. I used to enjoy those cities.


Whole states? Why? Is jail not a good place for criminals to live?

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We all pay for jail. Let them live together under the common rules they seem to want. It’ll sort itself out.


That is such incredibly inflammatory information to give out.

It’s not like that could be abused by anyone under New York’s Red Flag gun laws.

Which of the six notes was inflamatory?

This gives an idea of who is utilizing their Second Amendment rights. It gives insight into buying habits and whether or not they’re connected to local events (like riots, burglaries, rapes and murders).

It’s no one else’s business whether or not I’m exercising my 2A right. If I want to make it anyone’s business…I’ll do that myself. I’m fairly certain those committing or connected to these crimes certainly didn’t suddenly draw the line at legally procuring a license.

It really blows my mind, by default the information is publicly available and you have to “opt out” in order to keep it that way.

Something similar happened about 7 years ago.

Ironically, the paper decided people with firearms is a prudent choice when faced with personal safety issues.

"The controversy led to NY-SAFE providing broad exemptions to permit-holders to shield their identifying information. […] “I’d say almost all that apply now do opt out at the same time,” said Putnam Clerk Dennis Sant, the release of his county’s permit records after losing a lawsuit in March brought by The Journal News. […] When asked two weeks ago by The Journal News for a count of permit-holders for all counties and the state, a New York State Police spokeswoman responded: “This information is protected, including the numbers, statewide or otherwise.”


Wait till all the “anti-gunners” names are released! Lol! Hypocrites!

The State of New York needs an earth quake. There are a lot of people who need shaken up a bit. We’ll soon see the Anarchist showing up at random homes and they’ll be shouting “Give me your Gun or We’ll take your Gun”.