Gun Manufacturer Ownership

CZ bought Colt. They also own Dan Wesson. Who owns Smith & Wesson, Ruger, Springfield, Winchester, Henry, Remington, etc. Are there any US owned gun manufacturers still in business? Is the liability threat making the ownership leave this country?


You do not need to worry about anything.
Even CZ is Czech, we are under CZ-USA umbrella. So Colt and Dan Wesson are still US manufacturers.
Smith & Wesson is too big to be sold to other firearm manufacturer.
The same is with “Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc” .
So far "Springfield Armory " seems to be OK.

Other story with “Winchester”, “Henry” and “Remington” … but still, even some may be manufactured outside US, whole responsibility stays within US.

I’m just thinking if there is any manufacturer who sells firearm in US that has no registered branch here? I think it’s not possible to import firearm without legal branch on US soil.

Ownership is just the place where your money goes.

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S&W grew into Outdoor Brands which then isolated S&W brand as separate company in their portfolio. They also own Walther.


I had thought that the liability threat actually influenced the anti-gun corporation that bought out S&W in the 90’s to give them back their indpendence… Colt seems to be playing the ownership & debt game with new owners ever since the 80’s when they stopped caring about their civilian firearm sales. I don’t know all the details regarding Remington’s woes.

Springfield and Rock River are still recovering from pro-2a consumers wrath from the IFMA debacle. Likely that will be forgotten after some years like when S&W and Ruger’s designed compromises into their firearms with anti-2a administrations.

Companies like Kimber, Bond Arms, Charter Arms, etc. have accumulated either a reputation for QC issues, or cater to a niche group.

Additionally, IMO, ammunition companies probably have a large part of their success from government contracts/sales. Without these contracts, you might have a larger dependence on margins for sustainability.

Sales margins can be affected by government policies (licenses, certifications, taxes, etc.), R&D, wages, QC, CS, manufacturing costs, etc. that can lead to average quality/performance but at a higher price. Hypothetically, would you purchase American ammo for target shooting if it was five times the price of foreign made ammo that performed similarly? How about if American firearms were 5 times the price of a foreign owned competitor, e.g. Glock, Beretta, Sig… all foreign owned.

Although governmental policies can have considerable influence, I think a lot of factors include actual pro-gun consumers hurting gun/ammunition company’s sustainability… although that doesn’t mean that the complaints aren’t justified. In a healthy free-market, the companies should come and go relative to how well they serve the customer base… which can change over time. However, when you add in the governmental restrictions and policies, there is more of an influence to stop, rather than to start up.


And S&W bought Thompson Center.

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@Jerzy >>> Charter Arms is in Connecticut.

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I think I asked it wrong way… it should be:

I’m just thinking if there is any non US manufacturer who sells firearm in US that has no registered branch here? I think it’s not possible to import firearm without legal branch on US soil.

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